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Advantage Menu
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Description An advantage that allows the finder to choose between one of three advantages to use later in the game
Appearances Star Allies

The Advantage Menu is a special advantage introduced in Survivor Fan Characters 19: Star Allies.


The Advantage Menu is a slip of paper that offers the contestant who finds it the choice between three potential advantages, each of which can be used within the first couple rounds of the game.


Survivor Fan Characters 19: Star Allies[]

On Day 1 during the marooning, Striker the Weasel found two envelopes that were hidden inside the crow's nest of the Lor Starcutter. He was instructed to keep one, and give the other to a member on the other tribe, later revealed to be Sandalwood.

Shortly after arriving at the Claterra camp, Striker opened the envelope and found that inside was an "Advantage Menu" which presented him the choice between three different advantages. The first was safety at one of the first three Tribal Councils, the second was an advantage in one of the first three challenges, and the third was for him to save the advantage until the fourth round and "gamble for greatness." Striker would end up choosing the third option. Meanwhile, at the Yarnago camp, Sandy destroyed her Advantage Menu by tossing it into the campfire, as she suspected there was an advantage inside the envelope, and didn't want anything to do with it.

Striker held onto the Advantage Menu until Day 8 where he played it before the Reward Challenge. He was told that if his tribe won, they would each have the opportunity to receive an advantage that could help them in the game. Claterra went on to win the challenge, meaning Striker had won the gamble. When Claterra arrived back at camp, they found nine chests, some of which contained advantages. Each tribe member was to draw numbers from a bag to determine the order in which they would open the chests. However, because Striker was the player who used the gamble, he was able to go first and open a golden chest. The advantages that each contestant (with the exception of Clover Fields) recieved were: an Extra Vote for Aurora, a Vote Steal for Beata Pracik, a Warp Star Advantage for Micah Chippers, an Idol Nullifier for Nico Harlinger, an Immunity Idol for Sandy, and one half of a Super Idol for Striker.


Season Location Owner Advantages Advantage
Option #1 Option #2 Option #3
Star Allies Inside the crow's nest
of the Lor Starcutter
Striker the Weasel
Safety at one
of the first
three Tribal
An advantage
in one of
the first three
Save the
advantage until
the fourth round
and gamble
for greatness
Option #3
Inside the crow's nest
of the Lor Starcutter
Unknown Never used


  • Sandy is the only contestant to not use an Advantage Menu.

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