Allison Kathrati
CutieCat Picture.png
Contestant Profile
Age: 19
Species: Human
Occupation: Online Streamer
Node: YouTube Simulator
Owner: SWSU-Master
Survivor Fan Characters Career
Tribe(s): Koko
► Bulu
Finish: 10/20
Challenge Wins: 6
Votes Against: 15
Days Lasted: 24

Allison Kathrati (commonly known by her online alias "CutieCat") is a contestant from Survivor Fan Characters 17: Alola.

Survivor Fan Characters[edit | edit source]

Alola[edit | edit source]

Voting History[edit | edit source]

CutieCat's Voting History
Episode CutieCat's
Voted Against
1 Koko Tribe Immune
2 Koko Tribe Immune
3 Koko Tribe Immune
4 Koko Tribe Immune
5 Raiza
6 Kade
7 Jeannie;
Derek, Jeannie, Kade,
Mele, Parmesan, Slash;
Derek, Kade,
Mele, Parmesan, Slash
8 Exiled
9 Kade Derek, Jeannie,
Jenny, Kade
Voted Out, 2nd Jury Member, Day 24
Voted for
Sole Survivor

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • CutieCat is the first contestant to come from a non-existent node, as "YouTube Simulator" is not a real game.
  • CutieCat is the highest-ranking female member of the original Koko tribe.
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