Auxiliary Idols
The Sit-Out Idol is found by Whitney.
Survivor Fan Characters Gameplay
Description: Special idols that give the tribe an advantage in the game.
Appearances: SFC11

The Auxiliary Idols are a twist that appeared in Survivor Fan Characters 11. They are special hidden idols that when found, can potentially give the tribe an advantage in the game.

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The Auxiliary Idols

Format Edit

There are in total, seven unique idols hidden throughout the game. Each one with its own ability.

  • Hidden Immunity Idol: Like in previous seasons, the Hidden Immunity Idol can be used to negate all votes cast against its owner at Tribal Council. In total, there were three of these idols in the game, one at both of the tribe camps, while another would later be hidden at the merged tribe camp.
  • Idol of Power: Also known as the "Challenge Idol". This idol gives the tribe an advantage in a challenge. A version of this idol was hidden at both tribe camps.
  • Sit-Out Idol: This idol allows the user to sit-out two members from both tribes in a challenge. The user also gets to choose which members sit-out. This idol was hidden inside of a small compartment in the stand holding the Immunity Idol.
  • Double or Nothing Idol: Also known as the "Double Boot Idol". When played, the stakes of the Immunity Challenge are doubled, and the tribe that loses will have to vote out two members at Tribal Council, instead of one. This idol was hidden inside of the urn at Tribal Council.
  • Raid Idol: This idol allows one tribe member to go with the rival tribe to their camp, and take two items for their tribe. This idol was hidden inside of the station used during a Reward Challenge.
  • Rob + Russell Idol: This idol allows Survivor legends Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz to enter the game and join their respective tribes. This idol was hidden inside of the Immunity Idol, underneath a hidden latch.
  • Mutiny Idol: This idols gives the castaways the opportunity to join the rival tribe within a ten-second time limit. Two of these idols were hidden inside of the safes in an Immunity Challenge.

Summary Edit

Idol Location Day Found Found By Outcome
Idol of Power
Mariano Camp Day 2 SFC11Flaithri
Flaithri played the idol before the Day 3 Immunity
Challenge, giving the Mariano tribe an advantage.
The tribe went on to win the challenge.
Idol of Power
Hantz Camp Day 5 SFC11Bradlyn
Bradlyn played the idol before the Day 12 Immunity
Challenge, giving the Hantz tribe an advantage. In spite
of this, the Hantz tribe ended up losing the challenge.
Hidden Immunity Idol
Hantz Camp Unknown SFC11Sexygirlxo
Sexygirlxo played the Hidden Immunity Idol for
herself at the Day 6 Tribal Council. However,
there were no votes cast against her.
Sit-Out Idol
Immunity Challenge Day 6 SFC11Whitney
Whitney played the idol before the Day 12 Immunity
Challenge. She chose to sit out Bradlyn and Tialayla
from the Hantz tribe, and Claus and Juiced Up from
the Mariano tribe.
Double or Nothing Idol
Tribal Council Day 9 SFC11Flaithri
Raid Idol
Reward Challenge Day 11 SFC11Crisco
Rob + Russell Idol
Immunity Idol Day 11 SFC11Paine
Almost immediately after being found,
the idol was thrown into the campfire
and destroyed by Paine and Crisco.
Mutiny Idol
Immunity Challenge Day 18 SFC11Angel
Hidden Immunity Idol
Mariano Camp Unknown SFC11Sunflower
Sunflower played the Hidden Immunity Idol on Eli
at the Day 24 Tribal Council. All votes cast against
Eli became void, and Artemis was voted out instead.
Hidden Immunity Idol
Quinn Camp Day 28 SFC11Eli

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