Battle of the Sexes
The twist's official introduction, with the newly formed Lockora tribe.
Survivor Fan Characters Gameplay
Description: Tribe division based on gender.
Appearances: SFC3

Battles of the Sexes is a twist that divides the male and female castaways into gender-specific tribes.

So far, a variation of this twist has only been used in one season of Survivor Fan Characters.

History Edit

Survivor Fan Characters 3 Edit

On Day 1, the castaways were initially divided into two tribes of nine, the Pambar tribe, which contained all female castaways, and the Roku tribe, which contained all male castaways. After both groups had arrived at their respective tribe locations, they spent the day setting up camp while getting to know each other.

Later that night, both tribes received tree mail that instructed them to send out three of their members for an "unspecified duty" the following morning. Assuming it was a challenge, both tribes sent out who they believed were their strongest members, which ended up being Beth, Minnie, and Yoshia from the Pambar tribe, and Marty, Popper, and Violet from the Roku tribe. Once these six castaways arrived at their location, Jeff revealed that they were forming a new tribe known as the Lockora tribe, which unlike their previous tribes, was gender-mixed, thus starting the game out with three tribes.

Both Lockora and Roku flourished in challenges, securing a good number of victories each, while the Pambar tribe struggled continuously, until on Day 9, they had lost enough members to officially be declared "conquered". The tribe was dissolved and its remaining members were placed on one of the two other tribes.

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