Bea Picture
Contestant Profile
Series: Sonic the Hedgehog
Owner: SWSU-Master
Survivor Fan Characters Career
Survivor Fan Characters 1
Tribe(s): Schlipa
Finish: 14/16
Challenge Wins: 4
Votes Against: 3
Days Lasted: 9

Bea is a lioness originating from Sonic the Hedgehog and a contestant on Survivor Fan Characters

Survivor Fan CharactersEdit

Episode 1: Things Are Looking Real Crazy Around HereEdit

As part of the season's twist, Bea was paired up with Charlie, and if both were to make the merge they would recieve an advantage to the game. 

On the first day Bea showed her nursing skills when Craig got bit in the butt by a snake, and she was able to suck the venom out while still cracking jokes on Hogan. Later on, she called Lyle a pussy for crying because Hogan forgot his name. Schlipa went on to win the first Immunity challenge, guaranteeing Bea's safety for 3 days.

Episode 2: I Won It For the Tribe, I'm UnstoppableEdit

When Taylor came down to the beach to fish with everyone, Bea was annoyed by how much the teen talked. After their Reward challenge win, Craig tried to get Bea to compliment him on his challenge win, only for the lioness to do the opposite and insult him. Craig then tried to campaign to Rene and Merideth and to Skylar and Taylor to vote out Bea, but Taylor doesn't want to vote her off. Schlipa started a streak and won their 3rd challenge in a row.

Episode 3: Intervention TimeEdit

Lyle discovers that Skylar is sick and takes him to Bea in hopes that she would take care of him and make him feel better, only for her to campaign for him to go off of the fact that he's ill and that he's a liability, but everyone denies her. She makes a comment to Sky telling him he has cancer, trying to get him pulled from the game. When Schlipa loses their first Immunity challenge, the tribe agrees on Taylor since Hogan had been kidnapped. Sky then made up a lie to Bea and Lyle to get them to vote him to split the votes, and it worked. Bea was voted out in a vote of 3-2-2 after Craig wanting to get her out for being mean. 

Voting HistoryEdit

Bea's Voting History
Episode Bea's
Voted Against
1 Schlipa Tribe Immune
2 Schlipa Tribe Immune
3 Skylar Craig, Skylar, Taylor
Voted Off, Day 9


Appearances As Medical StaffEdit

Atfer her appearance on SFC1, Bea stayed on the show's medical staff in any case of emergency were to happen. Such cases incluse Trent's Evacuation, Maria 's attack on Vinnie, or Jackie's faux arm break.


  • Bea is the first person of the SFC series to be voted out with less than half the votes.
  • Bea is the first contestant to return as a staff member.