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Contestant Profile
Age: 32
Species: Human
Node: Barbie
Owner: SWSU-Master
Survivor Fan Characters Career
Tribe(s): Carbo
Finish: 2nd Runner-Up (3/20)
Challenge Wins: 6
Votes Against: 1
Days Lasted: 39
Battle of the Tribes
Tribe(s): Carbo
Finish: 3/20
Challenge Wins: 8
Votes Against: 25
Days Lasted: 38
Blood vs. Water
Tribe(s): Kinopio
► Galaxie
Finish: 14/20
Challenge Wins: 4
Votes Against: 5
Days Lasted: 16
Statistics of Bonnie Quinn
Seasons Competed:3
Days Lasted:93
Challenge Wins
Tribal Wins:14
Individual Wins:4
Total Wins:18
Tribal Council
Total Votes Received:31
Times Exiled:0

Bonnie Quinn is a contestant from Survivor Fan Characters 9, Survivor Fan Characters 10: Battle of the Tribes, and Survivor Fan Characters 16: Blood vs. Water.

One of the most infamous players in Survivor Fan Characters history, Bonnie was notorious in her original season for deceiving everyone by playing under the fake persona of a cowgirl named "Prescilla". She would use the charm and innocence of this character to get away with many heinous acts. Such as falsely accusing Adrian Zabaleta of sexually harassing her, and fracturing the leg of Aleksan Pozharov, leading to their eventual elimination. She managed to make it to the Final Tribal Council, where her victory seemed all but assured. Until she was exposed by fellow finalist Cherman, who revealed a voice recording of Bonnie discussing her devious acts with her family visitor Barbie. The Jury mercilessly bashed Bonnie for her lies and actions, and she would ultimately lose the title of Sole Survivor, finishing in third place, and receiving no votes.

Bonnie would return the very next season in Battle of the Tribes, where her vile behavior was much more apparent than it was before. Despite this, she managed to narrowly survive numerous trips to Tribal Council. Until she was voted out just a day shy of Day 39, finishing in third place for the second time in a row.

Bonnie returned for a third time in Blood vs. Water, where she once again attempted to play using a fictitious identity. This time known as "Sarah", while her friend Clydia DeCoi posed as Bonnie herself. This was done so Bonnie could avoid being voted out early for her infamous reputation, with Clydia taking the fall in her place. This plan was successful and Bonnie managed to remain in the game for a short time. But increasing suspicion from Brandi Lake later lead to her outing Bonnie at the Day 16 Tribal Council. Where she was voted out 4-1, much to her severe disappointment.

Survivor Fan CharactersEdit

SFC9 Edit

Voting History Edit

Prescilla's Voting History
Episode Prescilla's
Voted Against
1 Carbo Tribe Immune
2 Gretchen
3 Carbo Tribe Immune
4 Jewel
5 Adrian Adrian
6 Ieaeka
7 Carbo Tribe Immune
8 Robert
9 Frank
10 Cherman
11 Tofuchao
12 Jocasta
13 Brenton
14 Sanza Individual Immunity
Kathy Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
for Bonnie
2nd Runner-Up, Day 39

Battle of the Tribes Edit

Voting History Edit

Bonnie's Voting History
Episode Bonnie's
Voted Against
1 Carbo Tribe Immune
2 Carbo Tribe Immune
3 Starr Adrian, Frank,
Sanza, Starr, (P)
4 Carbo Tribe Immune
5 Miranda Miranda,
Phil, (P)
6 Chloe Chrii,
Ryuia, Ventious
7 Frank Adrian, Ventious
Ryuia Carbo Tribe Immune
8 Oehda Emilee,
Jackie, Oehda
9 Carbo Tribe Immune
10 Jackie;
Individual Immunity
11 Ventious Jackie,
Minerva, Ventious
12 Minerva
13 Kris Adrian, Jackie,
Kris, Phil
Adrian Individual Immunity
14 Phil Individual Immunity
Ryuia Minerva
Ineligible Jackie
Voted Out, 9th Jury Member, Day 38
Voted for
Sole Survivor

Blood vs. Water Edit

Voting History Edit

Bonnie's Voting History
Episode Bonnie's
Voted Against
1 Clydia Clydia
2 Kinopio Tribe Immune
3 Galaxie Tribe Immune
4 Scott
5 Galaxie Tribe Immune
6 Brandi Bradley, Brandi,
Thorne, Vinnie
Voted Out, Day 16

Post-Survivor Fan CharactersEdit



  • Bonnie's full name was revealed by Eli after he named the SFC11 merged tribe after her.
  • During Season 9, Bonnie went by "Prescilla".
  • Bonnie (and Brock) has received the most penalty votes, with 2.
    • She is also one of two castaways to receive one unwillingly.
    • She is the first female to receive one.
  • Bonnie received 25 votes against her during SFC10, the most votes against someone in a single season.
    • However 7 of these were void due to her idol play, leaving Minerva the title holder with 21 during SFC4.
    •  Not only that, but in SFC10, she had votes cast against her by 14 different people in the cast, which is a record.
      • She received at least one vote from Starr, Sanza, Frank, Adrian, Miranda, Phil, Ryuia, Ventious, Chrii, Jackie, Emilee, Oehda, Minerva, and Kris in SFC10.
        • Xero, Quadratic, Heinz, Chloe, and Baxter were the only 5 people in SFC10 to never write her name down.
          • Baxter was the only person to make the merge and never write her name down.
  • So far Bonnie and Sin are the only people to place the same placement in two separate seasons.
    • Coincidentally, both competed in back-to-back seasons and achieved this feat.
  • Bonnie is one of five people to make the family visit twice.
  • Thus far, Bonnie placed the highest of anyone to return from SFC9.
  • Bonnie is the third of five castaways to make it to the final tribal council and receive no jury votes.
  • Bonnie is the second castaway to return to compete a third time.
  • Bonnie is the highest-ranking female member of the original Carbo tribe, in SFC9.
  • Bonnie is the highest-ranking member of the Carbo tribe, in SFC10.
    • Bonnie is thus the highest-ranking female member of the Carbo tribe, in SFC10.
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