Bradley Stagg

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Contestant Profile
Age: 35
Species: Deer
Occupation: Sergeant
Node: Deer Avenger
Owner: CallMeCorey
Survivor Fan Characters Career
Tribe(s): Go'Jonga
► Deserted
► Uwassa
Finish: 4/18
Challenge Wins: 9
Votes Against: 7
Days Lasted: 37
Blood vs. Water
Tribe(s): Kinopio
► Galaxie
► Sarasa
Finish: 9/20
Challenge Wins: 7
Votes Against: 4
Days Lasted: 30
Statistics of Bradley Stagg
Seasons Competed:2
Days Lasted:67
Challenge Wins
Tribal Wins:11
Individual Wins:5
Total Wins:16
Tribal Council
Total Votes Received:11
Times Exiled:0

Sgt. Bradley Stagg is a contestant from Survivor Fan Characters 14 and Survivor Fan Characters 16: Blood vs. Water.

Survivor Fan CharactersEdit

SFC14 Edit

Voting History Edit

Sgt. Stagg's Voting History
Episode Sgt. Stagg's
Voted Against
Sgt. Stagg
1 Go'Jonga Tribe Immune
2 Jojo Adeline,
Jojo, Mikah
3 Jojo
4 Hunter Individual Immunity
5 ???
6 Uwassa Tribe Immune
7 Uwassa Tribe Immune
8 Desmond Individual Immunity
9 Mac Jojo
10 Amelia
11 Desmond Individual Immunity
12 Liz Individual Immunity
13 Jojo
14 Jojo Desmond,
Jojo, Liz
Voted Out, 7th Jury Member, Day 37
Voted for
Sole Survivor

Blood vs. Water Edit

Voting History Edit

Bradley's Voting History
Episode Bradley's
Voted Against
1 Clydia
2 Kinopio Tribe Immune
3 Galaxie Tribe Immune
4 Thorne
5 Galaxie Tribe Immune
6 Bonnie
7 Sarasa Tribe Immune
8 Sarasa Tribe Immune
9 Angelo
10 Bowser Jr.;
11 Vinnie Bowser Jr., Damon,
Riley, Vinnie
Voted Out, 3rd Jury Member, Day 30
Voted for
Sole Survivor



  • Bradley was the oldest male member of the original Go'Jonga tribe.
  • Bradley was the oldest male member of the original Kinopio tribe.
  • Bradley is the third castaway to go by a different name upon returning to another season. The first being Norman.
  • Bradley and Vinnie have been on the most amount of tribes in SFC at 8.
  • Sgt. Stagg is the highest-ranking male member of the original Go'Jonga tribe.
  • Sgt. Stagg is the highest-ranking male member of the original Deserted tribe.
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