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Jeff Probst when starting a challenge.

Day 9 immunity
Golgora and Tortana compete for reward in Survivor Fan Characters 15.
Survivor Fan Characters Gameplay
Description: Competitions in Survivor Fan Characters where the contestants convene and battle for a certain prize, whether it is for comforts or safety from elimination.
Appearances: Every season

Challenges are competitions in Survivor Fan Characters where the contestants convene and battle for a certain prize, whether it is for creature comforts or safety from elimination.


Each episode of Survivor Fan Characters generally contains two challenges. An Immunity Challenge, whether individual or tribal, and commonly a Reward Challenge. Challenges can be physical or mental in nature, and provide prizes, in the form of a reward or immunity from the next vote, to the victorious contestants.

Behind The ScenesEdit

After the tribes have been notified about the upcoming challenge via Tree Mail, they would be transported in vans with blacked-out windows. The reason behind the covered windows is to prevent the survivors from seeing base camp. The castaways are not allowed to talk to each other until they reach the challenge grounds so no critical moment will be missed when the cameras are down. Upon reaching challenge grounds, the castaways would be sequestered until they are called by the host. The tribes convene at the challenge area, starting with the tribe that won the previous Immunity Challenge, then followed by the tribe that lost a member at the previous Tribal Council. This is to extract suspense to the tribe that won the last Immunity Challenge.

After giving the instructions of the challenge, the host would give them a further rundown of the challenge (which usually happens off screen) before they strategize. When the tribes strategize, they would assign certain tasks to members, while also deciding which tribe members will be sitting out, if the tribe has more members than the rival tribe. In uncommon situations, both tribes sit out tribe members.

There have been few tribes who threw challenges because they want to eliminate an unliked contestant, while players who refuse to do a challenge are still to participate.

Types of ChallengesEdit

Reward ChallengeEdit

See Reward Challenge.

Immunity ChallengeEdit

See Immunity Challenge.

Combined Reward/Immunity ChallengeEdit

Several seasons would have an inaugural challenge that is for both reward and immunity.


  • Schlipa is the first Survivor Fan Characters tribe to win a challenge.
    • Drazen is the first tribe to lose a challenge.



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