Tribe Profile
Season: SFC7
Battle of the Tribes
Tribe Type: Starting Tribe
Day Formed: SFC7:
Day 1
Battle of the Tribes:
Day 1
Rival Tribe(s): SFC7:
Battle of the Tribes:
Tribe Status: SFC7:

Merged with Ho'Aku on Day 26
Battle of the Tribes:
Merged with Yrsa'Ka, Carbo, & Retro on Day 25

Challenge Wins: SFC7:
Battle of the Tribes:
Lowest Placing Member: SFC7:
Derek (15/20)
Battle of the Tribes:
Quadratic McKitty (19/20)
Highest Placing Member: SFC7:
Wrecker Dog (2/20)
Battle of the Tribes:
Ryuia (4/20)

SFC7 flag corsona

SFC10 flag corsona

Tribe Emblem

Corsona insignia




Corsona is a tribe from Survivor Fan Characters 7 and Survivor Fan Characters 10: Battle of the Tribes.

Known for being one of the most dominant tribes in Survivor Fan Characters history. Corsona would win challenge after challenge, decimating the rival Ho'Aku tribe to only two members before the merge. Despite their constant victories, there was often discourse at their camp, resulting in morale being noticeably weak.

Corsona, along with several of its members, would later return in Battle of the Tribes, but was notably less impressive in challenges, securing only three wins. Past relationships also proved to be a hindrance on the tribe.

Their tribe color is purple.

SFC7 MembersEdit


Battle of the Tribes MembersEdit

  • Chloe
  • Chrii Yukizuma
  • Quadratic McKitty
  • Ryuia
  • Ventious Zephyr

SFC7 Tribe HistoryEdit

SFC10 Tribe HistoryEdit



  • It's incredibly likely that Corsona was inspired by the Koror tribe of Survivor: Palau a tribe that was known for dominating the pre-merge and rarely losing any competitions leading to a decimating of its rival tribe, and for being the only tribe in Survivor history to remain until Day 39.
  • In SFC7, Derek and Manya are the only members of Corsona who don't make it to the merge or Jury phase of the game.
  • Corsona, during SFC7, didn't go to tribal council until Day 25, via losing an immunity challenge, the longest any tribe has gone without losing immunity.
  • Corsona, along with Carbo and Yrsa'Ka are the first three tribes to be used in more than one season.
    • Also unlike the other tribes, Corsona has no members from its rival tribe Ho'Aku, because of a lack of a tribal swap.

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