Delta Picture
Contestant Profile
Age: 11
Species: Robot
Node: Chibi-Robo!
Owner: SWSU-Master
Survivor Fan Characters Career
Tribe(s): Roku
Finish: 15/18
Challenge Wins: 2
Votes Against: 4
Days Lasted: 7

Delta is a contestant from Survivor Fan Characters 3.

Delta found himself on the outs of the Roku tribe, along with Norman. While he was favored by the majority for his strength and intelligence, Baxter viewed his outdoor limitations as a bigger liability, and convinced his alliance to vote him out at Roku's first Tribal Council.

Survivor Fan CharactersEdit

SFC3 Edit

Voting History Edit

Delta's Voting History
Episode Delta's
Voted Against
1 Roku Tribe Immune
2 Roku Tribe Immune
3 "N" Alex, Baxter,
Issac, Spade
Voted Out, Day 7



  • Delta was the youngest contestant from SFC3.
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