Tribe Profile
Season: SFC14
Namesake: Deserted from their original tribes
Tribe Type: Auxilary Tribe
Day Formed: Day 3
Tribe Status: Merged with Go'Jonga & Uwassa on Day 20
Lowest Placing Member: Adeline (14/18)
Highest Placing Member: Liz Calhoun (Winner)

Flag unavailable.

Tribe Emblem

Deserted insignia.png



Deserted is an auxiliary tribe from Survivor Fan Characters 14.

The tribe was created out of the twist for the season. The winning tribe votes one of their own to the Deserted Tribe. The members vote at tribal councils, but do not compete in challenges and cannot be voted out. At the tribe swap, the members of the tribe were dissolved back into the original tribes, then the tribe started again until the merge. Their tribe color is pink.

Members[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Amelia Rose is the only castaway to remain on the deserted tribe for both rounds.

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