Driz Picture
Contestant Profile
Series: Conker's Bad Fur Day
Owner: Cute Kitten Fan
Survivor Fan Characters Career
Survivor Fan Characters 7
Tribe(s): Ho'Aku
Finish: 17/20
Challenge Wins: 0
Votes Against: 8
Days Lasted: 11
I came out here to free my mind from some past events that happened in my life that I've never recovered from... *sniff* and I really do not want to go before I feel better...


Driz is a contestant from Survivor Fan Characters 7. She placed 17th.

Survivor Fan Character 7Edit

Voting HistoryEdit

Driz's Voting History
Episode Driz's
Voted Against
1 Riddle Ker, Lauren, Riddle
2 Lauren
3 Skazzatrazz Krauss
4 Russell Betty, Bo,
Jasen, Krauss
Voted Out, Day 11



  • Driz is the second person to compete with a mental condition, she has Down Syndrome.
  • Driz is the first character to die after completing the show.
    • Driz died three months after Season 7 had finished of kidney cancer.