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Description A method of elimination by which a contestant is removed from the game due to misconduct
Appearances All-Stars
Fans vs. Canons (2013)
Blood vs. Water

An ejection is a rare method of elimination in Survivor Fan Characters, that involves the removal of a contestant due to rule violations.


The first ejection occurred on Day 5 of Survivor Fan Characters: All-Stars, when Maria made an attempt to stab Vinnie Reid with her tribe's machete. The other Solaris members quickly came to his aid, and they eventually managed to subdue Maria after Kala had hurled Omay into the back of her head, rendering her unconscious. Security then arrived to take Maria away, with Jeff Probst announcing that Maria was the second person out of the game, and that Tribal Council that night would effectively be cancelled for the Luna tribe.

On Day 28 of Survivor Fan Characters 12: Fans vs. Canons, after the Immunity Challenge, Jeff announced that Maggie Greene would be receiving thirty-seven penalty votes to account for her several cases of intentional property damage, which was statistically enough to eliminate her from the game. However, Cleopatra Patterson pointed out that the idol had not been destroyed and was still in Enter's possession. It was then revealed that Maggie was really being ejected for assaulting Mike the day prior, requiring him to need stitches. Maggie then exchanged a few parting words with her fellow castaways before Jeff escorted her out.

On Day 12 of Survivor Fan Characters 16: Blood vs. Water, after the Reward Challenge, Iyzebel Wagner struck Lolita Thorne in the face. Several others attempted to subdue Iyzebel, but she overpowered all of them, including the staff's security guard, Polar Bear. After a while, Iyzebel managed to calm herself down, and without any further aggression, left the challenge area, with Jeff telling her she was the fifth the person out of the game.

On Day 3 of Survivor Fan Characters 20: Generations, at Tribal Council, Shin Kasai switched the votes intending to vote him out to votes for Clarissa. Unfortunately for him, his lie was caught when he was the only one who referred to Clara Sutherland as Clarissa, with everyone calling him out on his lie. Jeff then found an extra vote for Clarissa in the urn, thus having it as eleven votes instead of the original ten. So, even though Kasai was to be voted off first, Jeff told Kasai that he was ejected from the game due to the cheating he had done.



  • Maggie is the only ejected contestant to be on the jury.
  • Vinnie is the only contestant to witness an ejection take place in two different seasons.
  • The first three ejections in Survivor Fan Characters predate the first time a contestant was ejected from the U.S. version of Survivor.
  • Kasai is the first male contestant to be ejected from the game.
    • He is also the only contestant who wasn't ejected for physical assault.

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