Trent was the first person to be medically evacuated from the game.
Survivor Fan Characters Gameplay
Description: An emergency forces a contestant to be removed from the game.
Appearances: Fans vs. Canons

An Evacuation is a rare instance where an emergency forces a contestant to be removed from the game, without being voted out by their tribe.


The first evacuation occured in Survivor Fan Characters 4: Fans vs. Canons, when Trent accidently stepped on his tribe's machete. Bea, the staff nurse, quickly came to his aid, and after examining his foot, it was revealed his cut was so deep, it was almost to the bone. Believing it would become infected if left untreated, she urged for Trent to be removed from the game.

In Survivor Fan Characters 17: Alola,


  • Both times an evacuation occurred, it was before the merge.
  • It was revealed in SFC9 Notes that Aleksan Pozharov was originally going to be medically evacuated.
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