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Family Visit
Survivor Fan Characters gameplay
Description An event in the game where castaways get to meet their loved ones
Appearances Every season (except Survivor Fan Characters and Blood vs. Water)

The family visit is a point in the game where the castaways are reunited with a loved one.

It often contains a Loved Ones Challenge, in which castaways' loved ones compete with or for them in a challenge.

List of loved ones[]

Season Loved one Canon? Fan? Contestant
Brains vs. Brawn Axel Steel Ybutton.png Ryan
Derek Stiles Ybutton.png Ellise d'Torneau
Inuyasha Ybutton.png Jasmine
Maya Fey Ybutton.png Kris
Phoenix Wright Ybutton.png Chris
Tommy Vercetti Ybutton.png Vinnie Reid
3 Darius Ybutton.png Montana Raines
Eric Cartman Ybutton.png Alex
Hunter the Cheetah Ybutton.png Violet
Lara Croft Ybutton.png Beth
Solid Snake Ybutton.png Spade
Sora Ybutton.png Baxter
Fans vs. Canons (2009) Cecil Harvey Ybutton.png Luke
Dmetri Ybutton.png Kala
Herian Ybutton.png Chaona
Hugo Ybutton.png Barney Callahan
Reed Ybutton.png Lilly Pendragon
Topi Ybutton.png Polar Bear
Wilford Wolf Ybutton.png Minerva Mink
The Cursed Islands Babs Bunny Ybutton.png Amy Randall
Chitlin Ybutton.png Gatemaster
Ein Ybutton.png Miranda
Helena Ybutton.png Marius
The Warden Ybutton.png Maria
Vivi Ornitier Ybutton.png Greg
All-Stars Crash Bandicoot Ybutton.png Bitsy Mitzi
Dmetri Ybutton.png Kala
Guybrush Threepwood Ybutton.png Wendy
Joshua Kiryu Ybutton.png Joe
L Lawliet Ybutton.png Norman
Meow Ybutton.png Lucky the Cat
The Prince Ybutton.png Popper
7 Bucky Katt Ybutton.png Quadratic McKitty
Ellis Ybutton.png Phil
Flapjack Ybutton.png Ker
Jouslain Tytania Ybutton.png Krauss Tytania
The Midway Island Hwoarang Ybutton.png Heinz Keller
Mandy Ybutton.png Iraenus
Mario Ybutton.png Matt Thorndark
Meirouku Rishied Ybutton.png Malik Rishied
Morrigan Aensland Ybutton.png Melanie Aensland
Ranma Saotome Ybutton.png Geena Takahashi
9 Barbie Ybutton.png Bonnie Quinn
Weighted Companion Cube Ybutton.png Cherman
Dewie Ybutton.png Brenton Bubbles
Drago Ybutton.png Tofuchao
Battle of the Tribes Chris Ybutton.png Kris
Kevin Ybutton.png Bonnie Quinn
Tab're Ybutton.png Baxter
Wilford Wolf Ybutton.png Minerva Mink
11 Fluttershy Ybutton.png Sunflower
Nicole Polizzi Ybutton.png Juiced Up
Susie Derkins Ybutton.png Paine
Fans vs. Canons (2013) Bugs Bunny Ybutton.png Lola Bunny
Maya Fey Ybutton.png Yvonne Goen-Haume
Patrick Star Ybutton.png SpongeBob SquarePants
Ron Stoppable Ybutton.png Kim Possible
Simone Ybutton.png Shelby
13 Donphan Ybutton.png Jim Fraser
Summer Ybutton.png Autumn Leivs
Tiny Tina Ybutton.png Damon Bleuth
14 Don Karnage Ybutton.png Diego
Doris Stagg Ybutton.png Bradley Stagg
Jessica Calhoun Ybutton.png Jojo Calhoun
15 Koji Ybutton.png Taro Nook
Lucy Heartfilia Ybutton.png Leah Grimes
Tails Prower Ybutton.png Ky Razie
Alola Albert Hilbye Ybutton.png Kade Spicer
Bass Ybutton.png Jenny Wily
DJ Thunderbolt Ybutton.png Josh Thunderbolt
Erina Hidaka Ybutton.png Mele Nenbara
Hank Hankson Ybutton.png Ollie the Otter
Lila Ybutton.png Jeannie
Naomi Ybutton.png Parmesan
Past vs. Future Fox Mulder Ybutton.png E.T. Johnson
Juliette the Cat Ybutton.png Ria Bentley
Stark Ybutton.png Atlas
Vegeta Ybutton.png Clarissa Sutherland
Star Allies Atushi Ybutton.png Clover Fields
Cu Sith Ybutton.png Okawa Hikuma
Goods Ybutton.png Micah Chippers
Polly Geist Ybutton.png Trevor Griffin
Swiper the Fox Ybutton.png Striker the Weasel
Weiss Schnee Ybutton.png Fuchsia Amaranth
Val Sakurai Ybutton.png Shiro Sakurai
Generations Bowser Koopa Ybutton.png Bowser Koopa Jr.
Carmelita Fox Ybutton.png Skylar Cooper
Iris Ybutton.png Hope
Norman Ybutton.png Montana Raines
Soleil Bright Ybutton.png Starr Bright
Tom Nook Ybutton.png Taro Nook


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