Fans vs. Canons
The twist's introduction in Season 12.
Survivor Fan Characters Gameplay
Description: Division of tribes that has fan and canon characters competing against each other.
Appearances: Fans vs. Canons
Fans vs. Canons
Fans vs. Canons is a twist that debuted in the titular season, Survivor Fan Characters 4: Fans vs. Canons, and later returned in Survivor Fan Characters 12: Fans vs. Canons.

About Edit

This twist features fan characters competing against a rival canon character from the opposing tribe. The fan characters are not informed of the game's twist prior to the season starting.

Usually each one of the fan and canon pairs share a pre-existing relationship that can either benefit or hinder their game.

Pairs Edit

Survivor Fan Characters 4: Fans vs. Canons Fan/Canon Pairs
SFC4Barney SFC4Lilly SFC4Bulma SFC4Jez SFC4Chaona SFC4Knuckles SFC4Ella SFC4PBear SFC4Joe SFC4Shiki
Barney & Lilly
Bulma & Jez
Dragon Ball Z
Chaona & Knuckles
Sonic the Hedgehog
Ella & P. Bear
Ice Climber
Joe & Shiki
The World Ends with You
SFC4Julia SFC4Rebecca SFC4Kala SFC4Riku SFC4Lucky SFC4Minerva SFC4Luke SFC4Sephiroth SFC4Marc SFC4Trent
Julia & Rebecca
Resident Evil
Kala & Riku
Kingdom Hearts
Lucky & Minerva
Luke & Sephiroth
Final Fantasy
Marc & Trent
Total Drama Island

Survivor Fan Characters 12: Fans vs. Canons Fan/Canon Pairs
SFC12Bernie SFC12Sheldon SFC12Bowser SFC12Mike SFC12Brittnay SFC12Eric SFC12Cleopatra SFC12Kim SFC12Enter SFC12Uri
Bernie & Sheldon
The Big Bang Theory
Bowser & Mike
Super Mario Bros.
Brittnay & Eric
The Most Popular Girls in School
Cleopatra & Kim
Kim Possible
Enter & Uri
Super Sentai
SFC12Foxxy SFC12Robbie SFC12Lola SFC12Shelby SFC12Maggie SFC12Zoella SFC12Phoenix SFC12Yvonne SFC12Sharker SFC12Spongebob
Foxxy & Robbie
Drawn Together
Lola & Shelby
The Looney Tunes Show
Maggie & Zoella
The Walking Dead
Phoenix & Yvonne
Ace Attorney
Sharker & SpongeBob
SpongeBob SquarePants

Trivia Edit

  • Both times this twist was used, the Fans tribe was blue and the Canons tribe was red.
  • Both times this twist was used, the final three remaining players contained one of the fan/canon pairs.
  • Julia and Rebecca Chambers are the only fan/canon pair who are known to be relatives, twin sisters.
    • They were also the first fan/canon pair to be eliminated.
  • So far, this is the only form of tribal division to be used in Survivor Fan Characters more than once.
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