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Final Immunity Challenge
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Description The last Immunity Challenge of a season
Appearances Every season

The Final Immunity Challenge is an important individual Immunity Challenge in Survivor Fan Characters.


Typically held on Day 38, the Final Immunity Challenge is the last and arguably most important Immunity Challenge of the season, as it guarantees the winner a seat at the Final Tribal Council. This challenge is especially critical in seasons that feature a Final Two as opposed to a Final Three, as the winner receives the extra advantage of being able to cast the sole vote at the following Tribal Council, effectively allowing them to choose who they will sit next to on Day 39, pleading their case to the jury on why they should win the game.

The Final Immunity Challenge has varied throughout the series, though it is often an endurance challenge, requiring the contestants to physically outlast each other as they have outlasted the rest of the competition. Other times, the Final Immunity Challenge tests the players on their dexterity, requiring them to complete a task the fastest, with even the smallest misstep possibly being fatal.


In Survivor Fan Characters, the contestants had to stand on a raised wooden platform, where after every hour, they would remove the center piece, progressively making it smaller, and harder to maintain balance. The challenge lasted for seven whole hours, with Charlie being the first one to drop out after two. Hogan would drop out five hours later, thus making Skylar Cooper the winner.

In Survivor Fan Characters 2: Brains vs. Brawn, the contestants each had to balance on wooden planks that were supported by a flimsy ball.

In Survivor Fan Characters 3,

In Survivor Fan Characters 4: Fans vs. Canons, the Final Immunity Challenge was held during a Double Elimination at Tribal Council. The contestants had to balance on small platforms suspended over the fire pit. After a while, they would each remove a segment of their platform, making it smaller and harder to maintain balance. Lilly Pendragon was the first to drop out after thirty minutes. At the one hour mark, Barney Callahan dropped, and the challenge was won by Luke.

In Survivor Fan Characters 5: The Cursed Islands, the castaways each had to stand on two steps while holding onto a pole. If they were to take their hand off the pole, or move their feet from the steps, they would be eliminated. Because Marius had given up the opportunity to play in the next four Immunity Challenges back on Day 28, he could not participate in the challenge. Greg was the first one to drop out after an hour. After ninety minutes, Gatemaster fell, making Miranda the winner of the challenge.

In Survivor Fan Characters: All-Stars,

In Survivor Fan Characters 7, the contestants had to stretch and balance between two boards and hold themselves for as long as they could. After two hours, Phil dropped out. The challenge lasted for five more hours, eventually being won by Ker after Wrecker Dog dropped without warning.

In Survivor Fan Characters 8: The Midway Island, the castaways were each given thirty cards, and had to assemble a structure as high as they could within twenty minutes. Heinz Keller took the lead for most of the challenge, with Iraenus following closely behind him. Matt Thorndark resorted to simply stacking his cards on top of each other, while Melanie Aensland fell behind as her structure continued to topple over. Acting feindously, Matt managed to win the challenge by startling everyone, causing their towers to crumble.

In Survivor Fan Characters 9,

In Survivor Fan Characters 10: Battle of the Tribes, the castaways had to stand on small platforms out in the water while balancing weights on their arms. Over time, more weights would be added. The challenge would last for an hour and forty-five minutes, with Minerva Mink being the first to drop out at fifteen lbs, while Bonnie would later drop out at sixty. Jackie managed to win the challenge while balancing one hundred lbs.

In Survivor Fan Characters 11, the contestants were each given a station that contained two lit torches, both connected to a pipe with a small concentration of water inside. The contestants had to keep both of their torches from being extinguished by running back and forth, hitting the buttons which alternated the direction of the water flow. Sunflower was the first one out after five minutes, with Angel following shortly after her. The challenge was ultimately won by Eli Vickrum who narrowly managed to beat Paine.

In Survivor Fan Characters 12: Fans vs. Canons, the contestants each had to hang from a bar suspended above the ground for as long as they could,

In Survivor Fan Characters 13,

In Survivor Fan Characters 14, the contestants had to each stand on two narrow stands while holding onto the Immunity Idol. If either their hand or feet were to move from their current position, they would be eliminated. Jojo Calhoun (who was currently disguising as her twin sister, Liz) was the first one to drop out of the challenge after one hour. Shortly after, Desmond Harlow dropped out, thus making Liz Calhoun (disguised as Jojo) the winner.

In Survivor Fan Characters 15, the Final Immunity Challenge took place on Day 39 at the start of the Final Tribal Council. The contestants each had to stand on two small pegs while balancing a bowl of rice on their heads. Taro Nook was the first one to drop out of the challenge after twenty-five minutes. Shaega Yurei would later drop out after forty-five minutes, making Dustin the winner.

In Survivor Fan Characters 16: Blood vs. Water, the castaways were each attached to a Pull Star, and with all their will power, had to keep themselves in the star's gravitational pull. Not long after the challenge started, Sierra Thorne and Bowser Koopa Jr. were the first two out. The challenge went on for ten minutes, and was ultimately won by Vinnie who managed to beat Doris Stagg.

In Survivor Fan Characters 17: Alola,

In Survivor Fan Characters 18: Past vs. Future,


Season Challenge Type Number of
Survivor Fan Characters Endurance 3 SFC1Skylar.png
Skylar Cooper
Brains vs. Brawn 4 SFC2Kris.png
3 4 SFC3Baxter.png
Fans vs. Canons 3 SFC4Luke.png
The Cursed Islands 3 SFC5Miranda.png
All-Stars 3 SFCASBitsy.png
Bitsy Mitzi
7 3 SFC7Ker.png
The Midway Island Skill and balance 4 SFC8Matt.png
Matt Thorndark
9 Endurance 4 SFC9Prescilla.png
Bonnie Quinn
Battle of the Tribes 3 SFC10Jackie.png
11 4 SFC11Eli.png
Eli Vickrum
Fans vs. Canons 4 SFC12Lola.png
Lola Bunny
13 3 SFC13Tapioca.png
Autumn Leivs
14 3 SFC14Liz.png
Liz Calhoun
15 3 SFC15Dustin.png
Blood vs. Water 4 SFC16Vinnie.png
Vinnie Reid
Alola Memory 4 SFC17Jenny.png
Jenny Wily
Past vs. Future Endurance 4 SFC18Shin.png
Shin Kasai
Star Allies 4 SFC19Micah.pngSFC19Shiro.png
Micah Chippers & Shiro Sakurai
Generations 3 SFC20Montana.png
Montana Raines



  • Bonnie was the first contestant to compete in the Final Immunity Challenge multiple times in Battle of the Tribes. She would later be followed by Vinnie in Blood vs. Water, and Montana and Taro in Generations.
  • Survivor Fan Characters 15 is the only season to not hold the Final Immunity Challenge on Day 38, rather it was held on Day 39 at the start of the Final Tribal Council.
  • The Midway Island and Alola are the only seasons to not feature an endurance challenge as the Final Immunity Challenge.
  • Shiro is the only contestant to win the Final Immunity Challenge without competing, due to the Ride or Die twist.
  • In total, only eight winners of the Final Immunity Challenge have gone on to win the season: Skylar, Bitsy, Ker, Jackie, Lola, Liz, Micah, and Shiro.

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