Freddie Ryder
Freddie Picture
Contestant Profile
Age: 19
Species: Human
Occupation: Snowboarder
Node: SSX Tricky
Owner: StarOceanFan18
Survivor Fan Characters Career
The Midway Island
Tribe(s): Yrsa'Ka
Finish: 15/16
Challenge Wins: 1
Votes Against: 4
Days Lasted: 6

Freddie Ryder is a contestant from Survivor Fan Characters 8: The Midway Island.

Freddie did not do or say much during his short time in the game. He was known for his naivety and being easily manipulated by Melanie Aensland, which later lead to him being voted out at Yrsa'Ka's first Tribal Council in a 4-2-2-1 vote.

Survivor Fan CharactersEdit

The Midway Island Edit

Voting History Edit

Freddie's Voting History
Episode Freddie's
Voted Against
1 Yrsa'Ka Tribe Immune
2 Oehda Alice, Emilee,
Melanie, Oehda
Voted Out, Day 6
9 Ineligible Johnny, Matt
Eliminated, Day 25



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