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Contestant Profile
Species: Human
Occupation: Shopkeeper
Node: The Legend of Zelda
Owner: SWSU-Master
Survivor Fan Characters Career
Survivor Fan Characters
Tribe(s): Drazen
Finish: 5/16
Challenge Wins: 3
Votes Against: 3
Days Lasted: 36

Hugo is a contestant from Survivor Fan Characters.

Survivor Fan CharactersEdit

I've never been in danger. In fact I've never gotten a single vote, heheheh!


As part of the season's twist, Hugo was paired up with Craig,  and if both were to make the merge they would recieve an advantage to the game. When Drazen heads to the wrong way to their camp by Hugo's lead, Pat takes the map from him and leads the tribe in the right way, and Wendy tells Hugo to lay low, and Hugo says he only wanted to help the tribe. Later on Eugene forms an alliance with Hugo, even though Hugo later betrays him when Pat tells Hugo he's being targeted. This convinced Hugo to vote with Pat after Drazen's immunity loss, and Eugene was blindsided by a vote of 4-3.

Hugo is shocked that Pat lied to him, and brings Wendy and Charlie together to form a counter alliance, while trying to trick Pat into thinking he's with her. When Phil returns from the Schlipa camp, Hugo joins the new alliance together, and they all agree to vote off Oran. However, when Oran is kidnapped Suzanna becomes their new target, and she is voted off by a vote of 6-2, after Charlie and Pat both flipped on different sides. Hugo is surprised to see Pat crying after Suzanna's elimination, and shares his suspicions of Charlie not being fully with his alliance.

When Hogan tries to demotivate the tribe, he tells Hugo that Schlipa threw the challenge, and Hugo spreads the word to everyone except for Charlie. Later, when Pat and Oran get into a fight, Hugo stops Oran from actually trying to hurt the she- wolf because she would've easily beaten him up. After another loss, Hugo was kidnapped by Schlipa from his tribe and from tribal council, where Oran was unanimously voted out.

As Hugo reunited with his tribe during their reward, Phil filled him back in on what happened in the tribe, and the two talk about their secret alliance, which the girls on Drazen all overhear.

While Hugo and Phil bring food for he tribe, Wendy asks them to be apart of their alliance and they both comply. After the Immunity loss and Wendy being exiled, Hugo and Phil go to Pat to vote out Charlie, but Pat ties up the vote and Charlie and Phil go into a question tiebreaker. Charlie comes out on top and Phil is eliminated.

Right after Drazen's Tribal Council, the tribes merged and Hugo became a part of Wichibu. The twist became active, and because Hugo and Craig were both still in they both received a separate clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol hidden at their camp.

Wendy and Pat try to get Hugo to join their search for the idol, but Hugo knows that only one person can have it and searches for it by himself. Later, Hugo talks to Craig and tries to get information about the Schlipa alliance, and realizes that Schlipa isn't as tight as they seem. After the Immunity challenge, Wendy stops her alliance from voting Hogan, and they set their target on Craig. At Tribal her alliance tries to get the former Schlipans to flip on Craig, but it fails and Pat is voted out.

Hugo, Charlie, and Wendy search for Pat's clue to the idol, but when Charlie found it Hugo made a deal with Skylar to show him the clues if Sky would help them out later on. When Hugo and Hogan go fishing, Hugo hurts a cameraman, and is scared he'll go to jail. He then comments on the Charlie/Taylor rivalry, and that they were probably always bashing each other in the pre-merge stage. After the Immunity Challenge, Hugo tells Sky that he owes them for showing him the clues, however Sky doesn't pull through and Wendy is voted out.

Hugo is angry at Sky for not voting he and Charlie's way, and talks to Rene and Craig, trying to turn them against their alliance member. He and Charlie stick together and turn Hogan, Sky, and Taylor against Rene and Merideth, and Merideth is voted out of the tribe.

Hugo started trying to find out who had the idol, and interrogated Hogan about it first, who says Sky probably has it. Hugo asks Sky, and Sky says no. Hugo and Charlie then try to elaborate together on who has it. When Rene offered Hugo and Charlie a final four deal to vote out the kids, Hugo quickly takes it but Charlie tells Hogan and Sky, and they try to think of a way to sway Hugo. Right before tribal council, Sky gives Hugo his fake hidden immunity idol, and Hugo believes it's real and promises to vote with him. At Tribal, Hugo reveals the fake idol, and everyone is shocked. Rene knows it's her time, and she is voted off 5-2.

Hugo comments on Hogan trying to teach Taylor to make fire, and later one says how aligning with Craig is not safe at all, because Craig could stab you in the back like he is doing this round. Craig was then voted out in an unanimous and easy decision.

For the next days, Hugo is shown and talked about bragging about his idol, even though it's a fake. Everyone found him obnoxious, and Hogan, Taylor, and Charlie hatched a plan to flush out the 'idol'. However Hugo and Sky quickly caught on to this and knew what to do to divert the plan. At Tribal, Hugo played the fake idol after getting 3 votes, but when it was revealed as a fake Hugo cursed multiple times and swore vengeance against Sky for giving him a fake idol, and became the 5th member of the jury.

Voting HistoryEdit

Hugo's Voting History
Episode Hugo's
Voted Against
1 Eugene -
2 Suzanna -
3 Drazen Tribe Immune
4 Kidnapped
5 Drazen Tribe Immune
6 Phil -
7 Craig -
8 Rene -
9 Merideth -
10 Rene -
11 Craig -
12 Skylar Hogan, Skylar,
Voted Off, 5th Jury Member, Day 36
Voted for
Sole Survivor



  • Hugo was the last member of Drazen voted out.
  • In SFC1 Hugo went the longest without recieving a vote against him, 36 days.
  • Hugo is the highest-ranking male member of the Drazen tribe.
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