Immunity Necklace
The Immunity Necklace is won by Jackie.
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Description: An necklace that prevents the wearer from being voted out at Tribal Council.
Appearances: Every season

The Immunity Necklace is an item that symbolizes individual immunity in the game and prevents its wearer from being eligible to receive votes at Tribal Council.


Similar to the Immunity Idol, the Immunity Necklace represents safety in the game, and is won by competing in an Immunity Challenge. Unlike the Immunity Idol however, the Immunity Necklace is typically only won by one contestant at a time by competing in individual Immunity Challenges.

When a contestant is in possession of the Immunity Necklace, they must still attend Tribal Council, but are eligible to vote with the rest the group. Often times, the contestant who has the Immunity Necklace is asked if they would like to give it up to someone else. If they choose to do this, they surrender their immunity and are once again eligible to receive votes.


Despite its name, the Immunity Necklace can take the form of any wearable attire. Though it usually does resemble a necklace, it has also taken the form of a crown, sash, and hat. A common visual feature that many Immunity Necklaces share are extra attachments that often match the colors of the competing tribes, both pre and post-merge.



  • Wendy was the first castaway to win the Immunity Necklace.
  • Jasmine was the first castaway to win the Immunity Necklace during the tribal phase.
  • Ellise d'Torneau was the first castaway to give up the Immunity Necklace to another castaway.
  • Currently, Violet and Dustin have won the Immunity Necklace the most times in a single season, with five each.
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