"Intervention Time"
Season Survivor Fan Characters
Episode Number 3/13 (3)
Episode Chronology
Previous I Won it for the Tribe, I'm Unstoppable
Next Come On! That's Ancient History!

Intervention Time is the third episode of Survivor Fan Characters  


Reward Challenge: One person from each tribe would battle the opposed using ramming devices. If they stayed up longer they would win a point for their tribe, the tribe with the most at the end would win.
Reward: 5 Cases of 7 Up.
Winner: Schlipa

Immunity Challenge: One person from each tribe would use a key to free themselves from a block. They would then race around the course saving their tribemates, who would each have a key to the next person's box. One all 6 members were rescued, they would all head to another box and when unlocked with cause a flame to burst out. First tribe to get a flame wins.
Winner: Drazen
Kidnapped: Hogan


Day 7Edit

When Drazen returns from Tribal Council, Pat is angry at herself for not voting for Phil, but wastes no time telling Wendy about Charlie voting with Suzanna against Phil. This causes suspicion for Phil in Charlie, but Phil dismisses it. At Schlipa, Hogan talks to Taylor and Rene about throwing the Immunity Challenge so that they can vote someone out, but Rene warns him not to do it, and calls him a loose cannon. When Skylar becomes sick, Bea uses this as a chance to get rid of him and asks Lyle, Rene, and Merideth about it first, but they say only if he were to get worse, but until then Taylor is their target.

Day 8Edit

Charlie tries to motivate the tribe after another challenge loss. Pat reveals, when Oran is back at their camp, that she has broken her ties from Oran but hasn't told him yet. Phil's suspicions for Charlie's trustworthiness causes him to ask her if she voted with his alliance, and Charlie yells at him that she did. At Schlipa, Skylar starts to feel better, and tells Taylor and Hogan about Rene and Merideth targeting her, while Craig shares his distaste for Bea, and Merideth reveals that Craig isn't really in her and Rene's alliance.

Day 9Edit

Drazen finally wins their first Immunity challenge and they kidnap Hogan from Schlipa. This leaves Skylar to fend for himself and Taylor, and he convinces Bea and Lyle to vote for him by saying that he wants out of the game, while taking Craig's offer in voting Bea off, and the lioness was voted out by a vote of 3-2-2. 

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 3:
Bea Colored
Bea (3 votes)
Craig ColoredSkylar ColoredTaylor Colored
Craig, Skylar & Taylor
Skylar Colored
Skylar (2 votes)
Bea ColoredLyle Colored
Bea & Lyle
Taylor Colored
Taylor (2 votes)
Merideth ColoredRene Colored
Merideth & Rene
Bea BW

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

You are the weakest here.


Sorry... nah, who am I kidding.


Hoo boy.


What's done is done.


Final WordsEdit

Man, I wish I stayed longer, but man for the past 9 days I was here it was a blast. I hope to see all of you guys later in life, hopefully with no bitterness. Let the bitterness stay with the island.


Still in the RunningEdit

Eugene BW
Suzanna BW
Bea BW
Charlie Colored
Craig Colored
Hogan Colored
Hugo Colored
Lyle Colored
Merideth Colored
Oran Colored
Pat Colored
Phil Colored
Rene Colored
Skylar Colored
Taylor Colored


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