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Description A group of the most recently eliminated castaways who vote to determine the Sole Survivor of the season
Appearances Every season

The jury is a group of eliminated castaways (typically past the merge portion of the competition) who are tasked with deciding the Sole Survivor of the season.

The number of jury members vary depending on the season, though it is usually between seven and nine.



After being voted out, jury members are sequestered at an area known as Ponderosa, where they will remain for the duration of the competition. Jury members routinely visit each Tribal Council to witness the actions of the remaining castaways who are still in the running. However, neither group is allowed to verbally address each other in any way. The information they gather from each Tribal Council is to help them decide who they will vote for on Day 39.

Final Tribal Council[]

On Day 39, at the Final Tribal Council, after hearing each of the opening words from either the Final Two or Final Three, each of the jury members are given the chance to ask a question or make a comment to each of the finalists. After each juror has spoken, the finalists deliver one final statement on why they should win the game, which will be their last chance to convince the jury members on why they deserve their vote. Afterwards, each juror goes to the voting booth to cast their vote on who they want (or who they think deserves) to win. These votes are later revealed during the season finale, with the finalist who receives the most votes winning the title of Sole Survivor, and the $1,000,000 cash prize.

Juries per season[]

Survivor Fan Characters[]

Juror Voted For
1 SFC1Wendy.png Wendy Charlie
2 SFC1Merideth.png Merideth Skylar Cooper
3 SFC1Rene.png Rene Skylar Cooper
4 SFC1Craig.png Craig Charlie
5 SFC1Hugo.png Hugo Charlie
6 SFC1Taylor.png Taylor Skylar Cooper
7 SFC1Hogan.png Hogan Skylar Cooper
Final Vote: 4-3

Survivor Fan Characters 2: Brains vs. Brawn[]

Juror Voted For
1 SFC2Max.png Max Ellise d'Torneau
2 SFC2Polly.png Polly Jasmine
3 SFC2Mary.png Mary Kris
4 SFC2Bitsy.png Bitsy Mitzi Ellise d'Torneau
5 SFC2Gus.png Gus Hartford Ellise d'Torneau
6 SFC2Denise.png Denise Jasmine
7 SFC2Ryan.png Ryan Jasmine
8 SFC2Chris.png Chris Kris
9 SFC2Vinnie.png Vinnie Reid Ellise d'Torneau
Final Vote: 4-3-2

Survivor Fan Characters 3[]

Juror Voted For
1 SFC3Marty.png Marty Baxter
2 SFC3Issac.png Issac Baxter
3 SFC3Hope.png Hope Alex
Montana Raines
4 SFC3N.png N Montana Raines
5 SFC3Beth.png Beth Baxter
6 SFC3Spade.png Spade Montana Raines
7 SFC3Violet.png Violet Montana Raines
Final Vote: 4-3-0

Survivor Fan Characters 4: Fans vs. Canons[]

Juror Voted For
1 SFC4Marc.png Marc Barney Callahan
2 SFC4Joe.png Joe Barney Callahan
3 SFC4Knuckles.png Knuckles the Echidna Barney Callahan
4 SFC4Kala.png Kala Barney Callahan
5 SFC4Minerva.png Minerva Mink Barney Callahan
6 SFC4PBear.png Polar Bear Barney Callahan
7 SFC4Chaona.png Chaona Barney Callahan
8 SFC4Lilly.png Lilly Pendragon Barney Callahan
Final Vote: 8-0

Survivor Fan Characters 5: The Cursed Islands[]

Juror Voted For
1 SFC5Phoenix.png Phoenix Gatemaster
2 SFC5Joseph.png Joseph Marius
3 SFC5Jessica.png Jessica Marius
4 SFC5Brock.png Brock Miranda
5 SFC5Maria.png Maria Gatemaster
6 SFC5Amy.png Amy Randall Marius
7 SFC5Greg.png Greg Miranda
Final Vote: 3-2-2

Survivor Fan Characters: All-Stars[]

Juror Voted For
1 SFCASSin.png Mana D. Sin Kala
2 SFCASAl.png Al Bitsy Mitzi
3 SFCASHogan.png Hogan Bitsy Mitzi
4 SFCASViolet.png Violet Kala
5 SFCASPopper.png Popper Bitsy Mitzi
6 SFCASJoe.png Joe Kala
7 SFCASNorman.png Norman Bitsy Mitzi
8 SFCASLucky.png Lucky the Cat Bitsy Mitzi
9 SFCASWendy.png Wendy Kala
Final Vote: 5-4

Survivor Fan Characters 7[]

Juror Voted For
1 SFC7Ventious.png Ventious Zephyr Ker
2 SFC7Ryuia.png Ryuia Wrecker Dog
3 SFC7Chloe.png Chloe Wrecker Dog
4 SFC7Chrii.png Chrii Yukizuma Ker
5 SFC7Krauss.png Krauss Tytania Ker
6 SFC7Quadratic.png Quadratic McKitty Ker
7 SFC7Dinah.png Dinah Wrecker Dog
8 SFC7Phil.png Phil Wrecker Dog
9 Audience Ker
Final Vote: 5-4

Survivor Fan Characters 8: The Midway Island[]

Juror Voted For
1 SFC8Xero.png Xero the Lop-Sider Melanie Aensland
2 SFC8Johnny.png Johnny Melanie Aensland
3 SFC8Oehda.png Oehda Melanie Aensland
4 SFC8Kiara.png Kiara Gate Heinz Keller
5 SFC8Malik.png Malik Rishied Heinz Keller
6 SFC8Geena.png Geena Takahashi Melanie Aensland
7 SFCIraenus.png Iraenus Melanie Aensland
Final Vote: 5-2-0

Survivor Fan Characters 9[]

Juror Voted For
1 SFC9Robert.png Robert Garner Cherman
2 SFC9Frank.png Frank Cherman
3 SFC9Starr.png Starr Bright Cherman
4 SFC9Donovan.png Donovan Cherman
5 SFC9Madison.png Madison Cherman
6 SFC9Jocasta.png Jocasta Tofuchao
7 SFC9Brenton.png Brenton Bubbles Cherman
8 SFC9Sanza.png Sanza Salazar Cherman
9 SFC9Kathy.png Kathy Miura Tofuchao
Final Vote: 7-2-0

Survivor Fan Characters 10: Battle of the Tribes[]

Juror Voted For
1 SFC10Emilee.png Emilee Vega Jackie
2 SFC10Sanza.png Sanza Salazar Jackie
3 SFC10Ventious.png Ventious Zephyr Jackie
4 SFC10Baxter.png Baxter Minerva Mink
5 SFC10Kris.png Kris Minerva Mink
6 SFC10Adrian.png Adrian Zabaleta Jackie
7 SFC10Phil.png Phil Jackie
8 SFC10Ryuia.png Ryuia Minerva Mink
9 SFC10Bonnie.png Bonnie Quinn Minerva Mink
Final Vote: 5-4

Survivor Fan Characters 11[]

Juror Voted For
1 SFC11Artemis.png Artemis Moonshine Angel
2 SFC11Dwayne.png Dwayne Angel
3 SFC11Tialayla.png Tialayla Carter Angel
4 SFC11JuicedUp.png Juiced Up Eli Vickrum
5 SFC11Whitney.png Whitney Angel
6 SFC11Claus.png Claus Eli Vickrum
7 SFC11Paine.png Paine Eli Vickrum
Final Vote: 4-3-0

Survivor Fan Characters 12: Fans vs. Canons[]

Juror Voted For
1 SFC12Sharker.png Sharker SpongeBob SquarePants
2 SFC12Bowser.png Bowser Koopa Shelby
3 SFC12Maggie.png Maggie Greene SpongeBob SquarePants
4 SFC12Enter.png Enter Shelby
5 SFC12Cleopatra.png Cleopatra Patterson Lola Bunny
6 SFC12Robbie.png Robbie Bookworm Lola Bunny
7 SFC12Mike.png Mike SpongeBob SquarePants
8 SFC12Yvonne.png Yvonne Goen-Haume Lola Bunny
9 SFC12Kim.png Kim Possible Lola Bunny
Final Vote: 4-3-2

Survivor Fan Characters 13[]

Juror Voted For
1 SFC13Frost.png Frost Snow Autumn Leivs
2 SFC13SCritic.png Survivor Critic Jim Fraser
3 SFC13Roth.png Roth Jim Fraser
4 SFC13Alleio.png Alleio Unite Jim Fraser
5 SFC13Sasha.png Sasha Jim Fraser
6 SFC13Damon.png Damon Bleuth Autumn Leivs
7 SFC13Luna.png Luna Jim Fraser
8 SFC13Iyzebel.png Iyzebel Vaga Jim Fraser
9 SFC13Orwell.png Orwell Jim Fraser
Final Vote: 7-2

Survivor Fan Characters 14[]

Juror Voted For
1 SFC14Ivan.png Ivan Liz Calhoun
2 SFC14Mac.png Mac Hurst Jojo Calhoun
3 SFC14Yukie.png Yukie Misako Liz Calhoun
4 SFC14Prussia.png Prussia Bleu Jojo Calhoun
5 SFC14Amelia.png Amelia Rose Jojo Calhoun
6 SFC14Diego.png Diego Liz Calhoun
7 SFC14Stagg.png Bradley Stagg Liz Calhoun
8 SFC14Desmond.png Desmond Harlow Liz Calhoun
Final Vote: 5-3

Survivor Fan Characters 15[]

Juror Voted For
1 SFC15Gekkota.png Gekkota Taro Nook
2 SFC15Cordelia.png Cordelia Sharma Taro Nook
3 SFC15Zach.png Zach Taro Nook
4 SFC15Marie.png Marie Taro Nook
5 SFC15Brandi.png Brandi Lake Taro Nook
6 SFC15Leah.png Leah Grimes Taro Nook
7 SFC15Ky.png Ky Razie Taro Nook
8 SFC15Sylvia.png Sylvia Taro Nook
9 SFC15Shaega.png Shaega Yurei Taro Nook
Final Vote: 9-0

Survivor Fan Characters 16: Blood vs. Water[]

Juror Voted For
1 SFC16Angelo.png Angelo Mozzaratti Doris Stagg
2 SFC16Brandi.png Brandi Lake Sierra Thorne
3 SFC16Bradley.png Bradley Stagg Doris Stagg
4 SFC16Damon.png Damon Bleuth Doris Stagg
5 SFC16Tialayla.png Tialayla Carter Doris Stagg
6 SFC16Thorne.png Lolita Thorne Sierra Thorne
7 SFC16Riley.png Riley Callorian Doris Stagg
8 SFC16BowserJr.png Bowser Koopa Jr. Vinnie Reid
Final Vote: 5-2-1

Survivor Fan Characters 17: Alola[]

Juror Voted For
1 SFC16Slash.png Slash the Hedgehog Josh Thunderbolt
2 SFC17CutieCat.png Allison Kathrati Ollie the Otter
3 SFC17Raiza.png Raiza Josh Thunderbolt
4 SFC17Derek.png Derek Linz Jenny Wily
5 SFC17Kade.png Kade Spicer Ollie the Otter
6 SFC17Parmesan.png Parmesan Ollie the Otter
7 SFC17Jeannie.png Jeannie Ollie the Otter
8 SFC17Mele.png Mele Nenbara Ollie the Otter
Final Vote: 5-2-1

Survivor Fan Characters 18: Past vs. Future[]

Juror Voted For
1 SFC18Claire.png Claire Sutherland Sagittaria Bentley
2 SFC18Ernest.png Ernest Oxenfree E.T. Johnson
3 SFC18Kasai.png Shin Kasai Sagittaria Bentley
4 SFC18Atlas.png Atlas E.T. Johnson
5 SFC18Ria.png Ria Bentley Sagittaria Bentley
6 SFC18Clarissa.png Clarissa Sutherland Sagittaria Bentley
7 SFC18Frysk.png Frysk McCloud E.T. Johnson
8 SFC18Yessi.png Yessi Seku E.T. Johnson
9 SFC18Shin.png Shin Kasai E.T. Johnson
Final Vote: 5-4-0

Survivor Fan Characters 19: Star Allies[]

Juror Voted For
1 SFC19Snapper.png Snapper Honda Fuchsia Amaranth
2 SFC19Beata.png Beata Pracik Micah Chippers
Shiro Sakurai
3 SFC19Aurora.png Aurora Fuchsia Amaranth
4 SFC19Nico.png Nico Harlinger Fuchsia Amaranth
5 SFC19Striker.png Striker the Weasel Micah Chippers
Shiro Sakurai
5 SFC19Trevor.png Trevor Griffin Micah Chippers
Shiro Sakurai
7 SFC19Clover.png Clover Fields Micah Chippers
Shiro Sakurai
8 SFC19Okawa.png Okawa Hikuma Micah Chippers
Shiro Sakurai
Final Vote: 5-3

Survivor Fan Characters 20: Generations[]

Juror Voted For
1 SFC20Jojo.png Jojo Calhoun Montana Raines
2 SFC20Chloe.png Chloe Montana Raines
3 SFC20Johnny.png Johnny Montana Raines
4 SFC20Clara.png Clara Sutherland Montana Raines
5 SFC20Okawa.png Okawa Hikuma Taro Nook
6 SFC20Liz.png El Montana Raines
7 SFC20Yessi.png Yessi Seku Taro Nook
8 SFC20Skylar.png Skylar Cooper Montana Raines
9 SFC20BowserJr.png Bowser Koopa Jr. Montana Raines
10 SFC20Starr.png Starr Bright Montana Raines
11 SFC20Hope.png Hope Taro Nook
Final Vote: 8-3


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