Loris Picture
Contestant Profile
Age: 53
Species: Human
Node: Cooking Mama
Owner: SWSU-Master
Survivor Fan Characters Career
Survivor Fan Characters 2: Brains vs. Brawns
Tribe(s): Caruga
Finish: 20/20
Challenge Wins: 0
Votes Against: 9
Days Lasted: 3

Loris is a contestant from Survivor Fan Characters 2: Brains vs. Brawns. 

Survivor Fan Characters 2: Brains vs. BrawnsEdit

Look at me. Do you think I'm going to be strong at challenges?


Loris became a part of the Brains, or Caruga, tribe at the beginning of the season based off of her smarts and not-to-par physical strength. At camp, Loris rather get to know everyone despite Ellise's orders, and became good friends with Gus and Bitsy. Sadly, after failing in the Immunity Challenge, along with Gus, by tripping and costing her team time, her tribe lost. Once her tribe got back to camp, Al gathered everyone but Loris and Gus and said that one of them needed to be voted out for costing them the challenge and. Bitsy was heart broken at Tribal Council, but Loris was voted out unanimously to strengthen the tribe. 

Voting HistoryEdit

Loris' Voting History
Episode Loris'
Voted Against
1 Gus Al, Bitsy, Ellise, Gus, Kris,
Max, Mihoshi, P.J., Vinnie
Voted Off, Day 3



  • Loris is the first woman to be the first voted out of a season.
  • Loris is the first person voted out first, to have been unanimously voted out.
  • Loris is the first person to recieve 9 votes in a single tribal council.
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