Medical Evacuation
Trent was the first person to be medically evacuated from the game.
Survivor Fan Characters Gameplay
Description: A medical emergency forces a contestant to be removed from the game without being voted out
Appearances: Fans vs. Canons

Medical Evacuations (often abbreviated as Medevacs) are rare instances wherein an emergency forces a contestant out of the game without being voted out by their tribe.


The first medical evacuation occurred in Survivor Fan Characters 4: Fans vs. Canons, when Trent accidentally stepped on his tribe's machete. The machete sliced his leg, forcing him to be taken out of the game. Luckily, at the following Immunity Challenge, it was revealed by Jeff Probst that he would make a full recovery.

In Survivor Fan Characters 17: Alola, Amadeus's EX-Machina was damaged in the challenge on Day 7, and exploded, injuring Amadeus. He then had to be medevaced because the EX-Machina's life support system purified the air, due to the fact Earth's atmosphere is poisonous to him. He was shipped back to his home planet of Hocatate where he eventually made a full recovery.



  • Both instances of a medical evacuation occurred before the merge.
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