The merge is often celebrated with a feast.
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Description: When two or more rival tribes come together and form a single tribe
Appearances: Every season

A merge (sometimes called a "merger") is the coming together of two or more rival tribes into a single tribe. From this point forward, all remaining castaways will live together at the same camp, and compete in challenges as individuals.

About[edit | edit source]

The merge serves as a sign that the castaways have reached the halfway point of the game, typically occurring when there are only around ten people left. It is also common that the Jury phase of the game begins around this point, though this is not always the case.

Process[edit | edit source]

Informing the Castaways[edit | edit source]

There have been a multitude of ways that the merge has been announced to the castaways. In most seasons, the castaways are informed shortly after they convene at what is normally expected to be a Reward Challenge. Other times, they are informed via Tree Mail, which provides instructions of what they need to do. On some occasions, the merge is announced to the castaways shortly after a Tribal Council has taken place.

Determining the Camp[edit | edit source]

After the merge has been announced to the castaways, the first priority is usually determining the camp that they will reside at for the remainder of the game. In some seasons, the castaways choose the camp themselves. In other seasons though, the location is already decided by production. It is usually either one of the rival tribe camps, or an entirely new camp that no castaway has been to.

Naming the Tribe[edit | edit source]

Once the castaways have all arrived at the merged tribe campsite. They will find their new tribe flag, and are then tasked with giving their tribe a name.

As a running joke, the name the castaways decide on is often something silly, questionable, or generally uncreative.

Early and Delayed Merge[edit | edit source]

On some occasions, the merge arrives quicker than the castaways may expect it to. This was first noted in Survivor Fan Characters 4: Fans vs. Canons, the first season to have the contestants merge at the final twelve, rather than the final ten.

In other instances, the merge arrived later than the castaways expected. This first happened in Survivor Fan Characters 8: The Midway Island, when the tribes merged with only nine contestants left in the game, as opposed to ten.

Merged Tribes[edit | edit source]

List of Merged Tribes
Season Merged Tribe No. of Members Day Formed Tribes Merged
SFC1 Wichibu 10 19 Drazen
Brains vs. Brawns Pokura 10 23 Caruga
La Bira
SFC3 Lokubar 10 20 Roku
Fans vs. Canons Merged 12 20 Dakaba
The Cursed Islands Baba Laaba 10 21 Caposhir
All-Stars >:) 11 20 Luna
SFC7 Corsona 2 10 26 Corsona
The Midway Island Jumanji 10 23 Jiut'Zsa
SFC9 Leiomah 12 21 Amatri
Battle of the Tribes #Survivor 10 25 Corsona
SFC11 Quinn 9 26 Hantz
Fans vs. Canons Meryellowged 12 20 Canredons
SFC13 Tikitikitiki 11 19 Purada
SFC14 Stranded 10 20 Go'Jonga
SFC15 Brezna 11 23 Golgora
Blood vs. Water 1-UP 11 22 Kinopio
Alola Guardian 13 14 Fini
Aether 9 26 Bulu
Past vs. Future Cherman 11 19 Atlas
Star Allies Dreams 11 16 Claterra

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Green is the most frequent color used for merged tribes, being used five times.
  • Orange and magenta are the least used merged tribe colors, only used one time each.
  • Alola is the only season to have two merged tribe phases.
  • Guardian is the largest merged tribe, with thirteen members.
    • It has also had the shortest lifespan of any merged tribe. Being formed on Day 14, and being dissolved on Day 20.
    • This also makes it the only merged tribe to not last until Day 39.
  • Quinn and Aether are tied for the smallest merged tribe, with nine members each.
  • #Survivor is the merged tribe that is composed of the most rival tribes, with four total.
  • Dreams is the merged tribe that has existed for the longest amount of time in the game. Being formed on Day 16, and lasting until Day 39.
  • >:) is the only merged tribe to have a challenge win, as all of its members competed together in a Reward Challenge against the first nine eliminated contestants in All-Stars.
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