Oran Picture
Contestant Profile
Species: Human
Occupation: Resident
Node: Animal Crossing
Owner: SWSU-Master
Survivor Fan Characters Career
Survivor Fan Characters
Tribe(s): Drazen
Finish: 13/16
Challenge Wins: 1
Votes Against: 4
Days Lasted: 12

Oran is a contestant from Survivor Fan Characters.

Survivor Fan CharactersEdit

They are all ganging up on me.


As part of the season's twist, Oran was paired up with Skylar, and if both were to make the merge they would receive an advantage to the game. At the Drazen camp, Oran called Phil a big baby after he had whined about being hungry, making Phil angry at the kid. Pat pulled him and Suzanna away from the main camp and formed an alliance with the two, planning to target Hugo, Phil, and Eugene. At Tribal Council, Oran, along with Pat, Suzanna, and Hugo, voted Eugene out of the game.

After Tribal, Oran, Pat, and Suzanna talk about getting Hugo to side with them on the next vote. At the Reward challenge, Oran, along with Craig, both did horribly at the challenge, and Oran lost it for Drazen. While Hugo, Wendy, and Charlie team up, Pat tells him and Suzanna to get to action. At the Immunity challenge, Oran quits and loses it for his tribe, and is kidnapped by Schlipa and is safe from elimination. When he gets back to the Drazen camp, he questions Pat about why Suzanna was eliminated and thought that they're alliance was golden. Pat reveals that she was planning on throwing Oran to the dogs and tried to get info on Schlipa from him. 

Oran asks Pat whether or not they should get rid of Charlie for being mopey, and pat reveals to him that their alliance was over because of his previous actions. Oran quickly gets angered and has a yelling match with Pat, and almost fights with her until he's held back by Hugo. Afterwards he tries to team up with Charlie, who says no and reveals that while she hates everyone, she hates Oran the most. After losing the Immunity challenge, Oran tries to turn the tribe against Phil by using fake tears. This doesn't work with anyone, especially Charlie and Wendy, and Oran was voted out in a unanimous decision of 4-1 votes.

Voting HistoryEdit

Oran's Voting History
Episode Oran's
Voted Against
1 Eugene -
2 Kidnapped
3 Drazen Tribe Immune
4 Phil Charlie, Pat,
Phil, Wendy
Voted Off, Day 12



  • Oran is the first person to be voted out unanimously.
  • Oran is also the first person to have a word censored.
  • Oran is the first person in the history of SFC to cast a vote at tribal council.
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