Outcasts Twist
The first seven voted out castaways return.
Survivor Fan Characters Gameplay
Description: A twist where one eliminated contestant is voted back into the game.
Appearances: The Midway Island

The Outcasts Twist is a twist that appeared in Survivor Fan Characters 8: The Midway Island, as a consequence of one of the contestants obtaining the Hidden Immunity Idol after the merge.

History Edit

On Day 23, Jeff Probst informed the castaways that another Hidden Immunity Idol was inside the head of the statue at the Midway Island. The castaways were allowed to take the idol if they wanted, but were warned that there was a potential risk in doing so. Later that day, Matt Thorndark and Xero the Lop-Sider returned to the Midway Island to retrieve the idol. Several pieces of parchment were found inside the head of the statue, though their content was largely ignored by Matt.

Later, after the Day 24 Tribal Council, Jeff revealed to the castaways that due to the idol being taken, an extra round would be added in the form of one previously eliminated contestant returning for another chance at winning the game. This contestant would be voted back in by the final eight themselves, who had the choice between either Shaniqua, Freddie Ryder, Alice, Penny, Emilee Vega, Heinz Keller, or Jackie. Before voting, each of the ex-contestants had a chance to plead their case on why they should be voted back in. The vote ended up being 4-2-2 in favor of Heinz, with the only other vote-getters being Emilee and Freddie. With these results, Heinz officially re-entered the game.

Vote Edit

Voted to
Heinz (4 votes)
Geena, Iraenus, Kiara, Malik
Emilee (2 votes)
Melanie, Oehda
Freddie (2 votes)
Johnny, Matt
Heinz Keller

Trivia Edit

  • Each of the three vote-getters were originally members of the Yrsa'Ka tribe.
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