The Corsona tribe was pagonged in Survivor Fan Characters 7.
Survivor Fan Characters Gameplay
Description: An alliance voting strategy in which members of the opposite tribe or alliance are eliminated in succession.
Appearances: Fans vs. Canons
The Cursed Islands
Past vs. Future

Pagonging is a fan-made term used to describe a post-merge strategy in which one tribe systematically eliminates members of the rival tribe one at a time. The term was coined in reference to the Tagi Alliance's elimination of all members of the Pagong tribe in Survivor: Borneo.

This is similar to, but not the same as, Ulonging where a tribe is decimated before the merge, not after.


In Survivor Fan Characters 4: Fans vs. Canons, the post-switch Dakaba managed to systematically eliminate the opposing alliance of post-switch Thuklus, and have the final three consist entirely of its members.

In Survivor Fan Characters 5: The Cursed Islands, the post-shuffle Caposhir tribe entered the merge with a 6-4 minority, and proceeded to lose two of its members. The other two, Amy Randall and Maria, were eliminated at the final five and six respectively, completing the pagonging.

In Survivor Fan Characters 7, the final two members of Ho'Aku managed to start an systematic elimination of the Corsona tribe, though the pagonging was temporarily halted at the final six for the elimination of Krauss Tytania. Following Krauss' elimination, Ker won all of the remaining immunity challenges, forcing the final four Corsona members to turn on each other and completed the pagonging, allowing Ker to win the season.

In Survivor Fan Characters 9, three straight original members of Carbo were eliminated, but, due to the hidden manipulation of Bonnie Quinn, she and the two other remaining original Carbo members, Cherman and Brenton Bubbles, made the finale after eliminating every remaining original Amatri member except for Tofuchao. Ultimately, Cherman would win the season.

In Survivor Fan Characters 11, six original members of Mariano made the merge, but all but two of them were eliminated in succession, with a brief interruption at the final eight with the elimination of original Hantz member Tialayla Carter, due to Eli Vickrum using his observations of edgics to get to the finale. However, Angel, an original member of Mariano, managed to win.

In Survivor Fan Characters 13, the four members of Wakah were quickly whittled down to one, Luna by the final eight. At the final eight, after the elimination of Purada members Alleio Unite and Damon Bleuth and Nonamye member Sasha, Jim Fraser managed to prove that the super idol had been invalid since Alleio's elimination, and successfully eliminated Luna.

In Survivor Fan Characters 15, the post-switch Golgora tribe lost all of its members except Shaega Yurei by the final 6. Shaega managed to survive until the final three due to the division between original tribes, but lost in a surprise last day immunity challenge.

In Survivor Fan Characters 18: Past vs. Future, the remaining 6 Atlas tribe members were all eliminated consecutively from the Final 10 onward.


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