Penalty Vote
Wrecker Dog recieved two penalty votes for the destruction of another castaway's property.
Survivor Fan Characters Gameplay
Description: An additional vote cast against a player, typically as punishment for rule violations.
Appearances: The Cursed Islands
Battle of the Tribes

A penalty vote is an additional vote cast against a contestant, typically as punishment for rule violations. These votes give them a disadvantage at Tribal Council.

About Edit

Penalty votes are usually given to contestants who commit a rule violation that is considered too minor to result in their expulsion. But whose actions require some form of consequence.

Penalty votes can be handed out in different amounts. They tend to be received in larger quantities depending on what it is the contestant has done. Although no contestant has ever received more than two penalty votes for rule breaching.

Despite being designed to punish players, penalty votes have often been exploited by contestants, and even used for strategic purposes.

Occurrences Edit

The first time a contestant received a penalty vote was on Day 28 of Survivor Fan Characters 5: The Cursed Islands. During the Immunity Challenge, the contestants were asked how many Tribal Councils they were willing to have one penalty vote cast against them. For answering with the biggest number, Brock would receive one penalty vote for the next two Tribal Councils he went to. His second penalty vote would eventually contribute to him being voted out 4-3 on Day 31.

On Day 35 of Survivor Fan Characters 7, Wrecker Dog willingly threw the idol belonging to Krauss Tytania into the campfire in order to prevent him from using it on either himself or Ker in case either of them won the upcoming Immunity Challenge. For the intentional destruction of another castaway's property. Wrecker received two penalty votes, one for the next two Tribal Councils he attended.

On Day 8 of Survivor Fan Characters 10: Battle of the Tribes, Bonnie Quinn received two penalty votes, one for the next two Tribal Councils she attended. This was due to instigating an altercation at camp with several Yrsa'Ka members the day prior, while she was intoxicated.

On Day 33 of Survivor Fan Characters 11, Sunflower received a penalty vote for spitting on Eli Vickrum. This was later shown to be part of an elaborate plan devised by Eli to blindside Juiced Up at the following the Tribal Council.

On Day 7 of Survivor Fan Characters 17: Alola, Parmesan had become physically hostile with Amadeus during the Immunity Challenge. Which resulted in Amadeus needing to be evacuated from the game. For his excessive aggression, Parmesan received one penalty vote going into Tribal Council that night.

Trivia Edit

  • Brock is the only contestant to be voted out as a result of receiving a penalty vote.
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