Perfect Game
The first and currently only Sole Survivor to play a perfect game, Taro.
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Description: A term describing a Sole Survivor who never received any votes cast against them, and then garners all of the Jury votes at the Final Tribal Council in a single season.
Appearances: SFC15

The Perfect Game is a rare feat achievable in Survivor gameplay, and is achieved only by a Sole Survivor who never received an elimination vote against them throughout the game, and then receives a unanimous jury vote at the Final Tribal Council in a single season.

List of Sole Survivors by Closeness to Perfect GameEdit

Closeness to Perfect Game
Season Winner Votes
Jury Vote
SFC1 Skylar Cooper 7 4-3 10
Brains vs. Brawns Ellise d'Torneau 7 4-3-2 12
SFC3 Montana Raines 8 4-3-0 11
Fans vs. Canons Barney Callahan 13 8-0 13
The Cursed Islands Marius 9 3-2-2 13
All-Stars Bitsy Mitzi 5 5-4 9
SFC7 Ker 7 5-4 11
The Midway Island Melanie Aensland 4 5-2-0 6
SFC9 Cherman 11 7-2-0 13
Battle of the Tribes Jackie 9 5-4 13
SFC11 Angel 9 4-3-0 12
Fans vs. Canons Lola Bunny 3 4-3-2 8
SFC13 Jim Fraser 15 7-2 17
SFC14 Liz Calhoun 5 5-3 8
SFC15 Taro 0 9-0 0
Blood vs. Water Doris Stagg 14 5-2-1 17
Alola Ollie the Otter 7 5-2-1 10
Past vs. Future E.T. Johnson 9 5-4-0 13


  • Taro is the only Sole Survivor to obtain a Perfect Game. Receiving no votes against him at any Tribal Council, and garnering all of the jury votes.
  • Jim Fraser and Doris Stagg are tied for playing the least Perfect Game. Having received fifteen and fourteen votes against them at Tribal Council respectively, as well as losing two and three jury votes at the Final Tribal Council respectively.
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