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Perfect Game
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Description When a contestant receives no votes against them at Tribal Council, and then garners every jury vote at the Final Tribal Council
Appearances 15

The Perfect Game is a rare feat that can be achieved by a Sole Survivor who does not receive any votes cast against them at Tribal Council, and then receives a unanimous jury vote in their favor at the Final Tribal Council in a single season.

Currently, only one contestant has managed to achieve a perfect game in Survivor Fan Characters.

List of Sole Survivors by closeness to perfect game[]

Closeness to Perfect Game
Season Sole Survivor Votes
Jury Vote
Survivor Fan Characters Skylar Cooper 7 4-3 10
Brains vs. Brawn Ellise d'Torneau 7 4-3-2 12
3 Montana Raines 8 4-3-0 11
Fans vs. Canons (2009) Barney Callahan 13 8-0 13
The Cursed Islands Marius 9 3-2-2 13
All-Stars Bitsy Mitzi 5 5-4 9
7 Ker 7 5-4 11
The Midway Island Melanie Aensland 4 5-2-0 6
9 Cherman 11 7-2-0 13
Battle of the Tribes Jackie 9 5-4 13
11 Angel 9 4-3-0 12
Fans vs. Canons (2013) Lola Bunny 3 4-3-2 8
13 Jim Fraser 15 7-2 17
14 Liz Calhoun 5 5-3 8
15 Taro Nook 0 9-0 0
Blood vs. Water Doris Stagg 14 5-2-1 17
Alola Ollie the Otter 7 5-2-1 10
Past vs. Future E.T. Johnson 9 5-4-0 13
Star Allies Micah Chippers 7 5-3 10
Shiro Sakurai 11 14
Generations Montana Raines 5 8-3 8


  • Taro Nook is currently the only Sole Survivor to achieve a perfect game.
    • The closest another Sole Survivor has come to achieving this feat was in The Midway Island, when Melanie Aensland managed to win the game with only four votes cast against her at Tribal Council, and garnering five out of the total seven juror votes.
  • Jim Fraser and Doris Stagg are tied for playing the most "imperfect game" of any Sole Survivor, having received fifteen and fourteen votes against them at Tribal Council respectively, as well as losing two and three jury votes at the Final Tribal Council respectively.
  • Bitsy Mitzi, Melanie, Lola Bunny, Liz Calhoun, Taro, and Montana Raines are the only Sole Survivors whose total vote tally falls into the singular digits.

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