Ponderosa Exterior
Ponderosa (Exterior) in All-Stars.
Survivor Fan Characters Gameplay
Description: A sequester house for contestants who are no longer competing in the game.
Appearances: Every season
Ponderosa (Commonly nicknamed as the "Loser Lodge") is a special holding area for Survivor Fan Characters contestants who have been eliminated from the game.

About Edit

Shortly after exiting the Tribal Council area, the eliminated contestants are escorted to a secluded area where Ponderosa is located. It is here where they will remain for a period of time, and are granted access to amenities that are normally unavailable to them in the game. This includes food, comfort, bath and shower, change of clothes, and other luxury items.

Like in the show, the castaways are sequestered in two batches. The first being the pre-Jury, and the second being the jury and finalists. Once the jury phase of the game arrives, the pre-jury contestants will vacate Ponderosa and spend the rest of sequestration on a special vacation. With Ponderosa empty, it is then to be occupied by the members of the jury who routinely travel back and forth between Tribal Councils. After Day 39, the jury and finalists all live together at Ponderosa before they are taken home.

History Edit

While the actual sequester house is not commonly shown in the series itself, there was a short period of time where pages featuring post-jury contestants entering and experiencing Ponderosa for the first time were included as episode "extras". This lasted from All-Stars to The Midway Island, before it was eventually discontinued.

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