Sue was the first person to quit the game.
Survivor Fan Characters Gameplay
Description: A method of elimination by which a contestant voluntarily leaves the game.
Appearances: Brains vs. Brawns
Past vs. Future

A quit is a rare method of elimination in which a contestant chooses to voluntarily leave the game without a vote taking place.

Although not technically deemed to be quits, some contestants have also chosen to leave the game due to issues in real life or have explicitly requested that they be voted out at Tribal Council.


The first quit occurred in Survivor Fan Characters 2: Brains vs. Brawns. When Sue decided to quit the game on Day 19 because she knew she was the next to be voted out on Caruga's next immunity loss, as well as being upset at Caruga losing immunity on purpose to vote out Drake and other events.

In Survivor Fan Characters 9, Donovan had decided quit the game during the Day 29 Reward challenge. Feeling confident that he would make the finals, he did not enjoy how "predictable" the game was, and thought it would be more interesting if he had left.

In Survivor Fan Characters 14, Adeline quit on Day 12 after she could not handle remaining in the game without the recently voted out John Hunter. After talking about her decision with host Jeff Probst, he announced her departure from the game to her tribe at Tribal Council.

In Survivor Fan Characters 18: Past vs. Future, During the Day 15 Tribal Council, Deimos had decided to quit the game. Feeling that his power put the other castaways at risk.

Unofficial QuitsEdit

There are some instances where a contestant's elimination closely resembles, but is not deemed to be a quit.

In Survivor Fan Characters 5: The Cursed Islands, Audrey chose to take the bribery curse during the tiebreaker challenge against Maria. Voluntarily eliminating herself from the game on Day 16 with a consolation prize of $28,000.

In Survivor Fan Characters 6: All-Stars, Vinnie Reid was stabbed by Maria on Day 5. Not wanting to be pulled from the game, he managed to hide his injuries up until Day 16 when they became too infected to ignore. He revealed the truth to his tribe and asked to be voted out, which he was 6-1.

In Survivor Fan Characters 10: Battle of the Tribes, Phil had asked to quit the game before the Day 16 Reward challenge after Bonnie Quinn had convinced him that he was sick. This greatly annoyed Jeff who declined Phil's request. Later in the season, Phil believed he would be the next one voted out with no way of saving himself, so he told the remaining players that he would be accepting of his fate. He was later voted out 5-1.

In Survivor Fan Characters 15, Billy wanted to leave the game after Xeradonus was voted out. Most of his tribe complied with his wish, and on Day 7, he was voted out 6-2-1.

In Survivor Fan Characters 18: Past vs. Future, At the Day 10 Tribe Council, Nayla Oxenfree asked to be voted out by her tribe, Wanting to figuring out her life and didn't believe the game would help her. A similar event occurred the very next Tribal Council on Day 13, realizing that he was cornered, Ethan Johnson volunteered to be voted out in order to save his past counterpart E.T. Johnson. On Day 30, Atlas was willing to go to rocks, feeling that it was his time to leave the game and was accepting of it. He was then eliminated in the rock draw. Finally Shin Kasai announced at the the Final Tribal Council for the Jury members to not vote for him as he no longer wanted to win the game, fearing that it would lead to him becoming his future counterpart Kasai, and that the victory itself would feel hollow. However Shin was still eligible to be voted for as Sole Survivor, so this quit is also unofficial.


Unlike in the show, quitting is not particularly frowned upon in Survivor Fan Characters. Although it does mildly annoy host Jeff Probst from time to time.



  • Sue quitting could be a reference to Sue Hawk from Survivor: All-Stars, who also quit the game.
  • Donovan is the only contestant to quit the game after the merge phase.
  • Adeline had quitted the game the soonest, exiting on Day 12.
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