Rene Picture
Contestant Profile
Age: 30
Species: Rat
Occupation: Technician
Node: Star Fox
Owner: SWSU-Master
Survivor Fan Characters Career
Tribe(s): Schlipa
Finish: 7/16
Challenge Wins: 7
Votes Against: 8
Days Lasted: 30

Rene is a contestant from Survivor Fan Characters.

Considered to be the first major antagonist in Survivor Fan Characters, she spent most of her time strategizing with her alliance on how they could get rid of certain targets. After the Merge arrived, she had successfully managed to eliminate both Pat and Wendy, before her own alliance was decimated one by one with her being the second causality.

Survivor Fan CharactersEdit

SFC1 Edit

Voting History Edit

Rene's Voting History
Episode Rene's
Voted Against
1 Schlipa Tribe Immune
2 Schlipa Tribe Immune
3 Taylor
4 Schlipa Tribe Immune
5 Lyle
6 Schlipa Tribe Immune
7 Pat
8 Wendy Charlie,
Hugo, Wendy
9 Charlie
10 Hogan Charlie, Hogan,
Hugo, Skylar, Taylor
Voted Out, 3rd Jury Member, Day 30
Voted for
Sole Survivor

Post-Survivor Fan Characters Edit

  • Rene (along with her friend Merideth) would be involved in a railroad accident, nobody was fatally injured.



  • Rene was the first lesbian Survivor Fan Characters contestant.
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