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Returning Players
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Description Former castaways compete for another shot at winning the title of Sole Survivor
Appearances All-Stars
Battle of the Tribes
Blood vs. Water

Returning Players seasons in Survivor Fan Characters offers the opportunity for former contestants to play the game again.


This concept was first utilized in Survivor Fan Characters: All-Stars, where twenty previous castaways were brought back for another chance at winning the game. Of the twenty castaways, none of them were winners, but were considered to be among the most remarkable of their respective seasons.

The concept was then used again four seasons later in Survivor Fan Characters 10: Battle of the Tribes, bringing back twenty previous contestants for another chance at winning the game. In addition, the season also brought back one tribe from the three most recent seasons, and divided each returning player to their respective previous tribe, with the exception of one new tribe that was made up of five players who had competed in one (or two) of the first six seasons.

Survivor Fan Characters 16: Blood vs. Water brought back ten returning castaways, who would compete against their loved ones. However, each castaway would compete individually, so a castaway would still be in the game even after their partner was voted out.

While not intentional, Survivor Fan Characters 17: Alola also accidentally ended up using this format due to production overlooking that one of the contestants they had cast had already competed on the show before. However, this wasn't figured out until after the season had begun.

Survivor Fan Characters 20: Generations once again brought back the format by featuring twenty players from across the franchise's history. The tribes were all divided based on who was the most drastically different from their previous appearance. This was also the first time that winners were brought back to play again: Of the twenty players, three had previously won the game.

Success in the game[]

Not all returning players are known to be as successful on their second time playing the game.

Returning players by season[]

Season Returned from Season Season Returned from Season
SFC1logo.png SFC1Charlie.pngSFC1Craig.pngSFC1Hogan.png
SFC2logo.png SFC2Al.pngSFC2Bitsy.pngSFC2Kris.png
SFC3logo.png SFC3Baxter.pngSFC3Beth.pngSFC3Hope.png
SFC4logo.png SFC4Joe.pngSFC4Kala.pngSFC4Lucky.pngSFC4Minerva.png
SFC5logo.png SFC5Amy.pngSFC5Gatemaster.png
SFCASlogo.png SFCASMinerva.pngSFCASVinnie.png
SFC7logo.png SFC7Chloe.pngSFC7Chrii.png
SFC8logo.png SFC8Emilee.pngSFC8Heinz.pngSFC8Jackie.png
SFC9logo.png SFC9Adrian.pngSFC9Prescilla.png
SFC10logo.png SFC10Bonnie.pngSFC10Chloe.pngSFC10Starr.png
SFC11logo.png SFC11Dwayne.pngSFC11Eli.pngSFC11Tialayla.png SFC12logo.png SFC12Bowser.pngSFC12Yvonne.png
SFC13logo.png SFC13Damon.pngSFC13Iyzebel.pngSFC13Sasha.pngSFC13SCritic.png SFC14logo.png SFC14Stagg.pngSFC14Jojo.pngSFC14Thorne.png
SFC15logo.png SFC15Brandi.pngSFC15Lea.pngSFC15Taro.png SFC16logo.png SFC16BowserJr.png
SFC17logo.png SFC17Derek.pngSFC17Parmesan.png SFC18logo.png SFC18Claire.pngSFC18Kasai.pngSFC18Yessi.png
SFC19logo.png SFC19Okawa.png


  • Minerva Mink is the first player to return multiple times, thus making her the first castaway to play three times.
  • Slash the Hedgehog is the only returning player to be the sole returnee of his season, incidentally he is also the only returning player whose comeback was unintentional on production's part.
  • Bitsy Mitzi and Jackie are the only returning players to win a future season.
  • Baxter, Bonnie Quinn, and Kris are the only finalists who have made the merge in their second season.
  • Brains vs. Brawn and Survivor Fan Characters 3 have generated the most returning players with six.
  • The Cursed Islands is known for having some of the worst statistics for returning players, as all of the season's returnees have failed to finish in the upper half of their second season.
  • So far, every returning player who had initially failed to reach the jury phase of the game in their original season has reached this phase in their second season.
    • In spite of this, Emilee Vega is the only returning player whose failed to reach the merge two consecutive times.
  • So far, three winners have returned to compete in Survivor Fan Characters 20: Generations, and they are Skylar Cooper, Montana Raines, and Taro Nook.

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