Reunion Show
All of the Past vs. Future castaways reunited.
Survivor Fan Characters Gameplay
Description: A special event bringing together all the castaways to talk about their time in the game, and catch up on their personal lives.
Appearances: Alola
Past vs. Future
The Reunion Show is a special event that is held after the season finale.

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After the Sole Survivor has been declared, the host and contestants all sit down to look back and discuss some of the most memorable moments of the season, as well as catch up with each other on where there life has been after competing on the show. Occasionally, a series of clips featuring one contestant in particular are provided as dedication for being considered a standout in the season.

The event is also used to answer any questions that readers might still have regarding the season, which can be submitted on a journal post on either DeviantArt or Smack Jeeves.

The reunion show concludes with one final statement from each contestant, the winner receiving their cheque for the $1,000,000 cash prize, and a preview for the following season.

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