Rites of Passage
The remaining contestants give their thoughts on the eliminated castaways during the ceremony.
Survivor Fan Characters Gameplay
Description: Ceremony remembering the castaways that left the game before the final 3/4.
Appearances: Every season

The Rites of Passage (Sometimes referred to as Fallen Comrades) is a ceremony performed by the final three, or four contestants (depending on the season) before the Final Immunity Challenge (penultimate in Survivor Fan Characters 15).

Typically contestants will travel along a path containing the torches of their eliminated competitors, in the order of their elimination, and recite a few words about that player. Afterwards commentary from the eliminated player themselves is presented, alongside a faded out moment from their time in the game.


  • Bonnie Quinn is the only contestant to attend this ceremony more than once.
  • SFC15 is the only season to not hold the Rites of Passage before the final immunity challenge.
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