Skazzatrazz Picture
Contestant Profile
Series: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Owner: Vilecheese
Survivor Fan Characters Career
Survivor Fan Characters 7
Tribe(s): Ho'Aku
Finish: 18/20
Challenge Wins: 0
Votes Against: 6
Days Lasted: 8
This is so bloody hilarious. You see, I'm trying to be the one to sabotage the tribe into failure, but these buggers that I'm aligned with are pretty much doing it for me.


Skazzatrazz is a contestant from Survivor Fan Characters 7. He placed 18th.

Survivor Fan Characters 7Edit

Episode 1: Flesh Wounds Heal Really FastEdit

Skazzatrazz was the last male picked at the initial tribe pick'em, leaving him on Ho'Aku by default. Once on Ho'Aku, he quickly formed an alliance with Krauss and Russell Hantz (under his disguise as Mr. Stabby). He defended Riddle's idea of building a stairway on the side of the camp's hill, which his allies considered useless.

Once night two rolled around, Skazzatrazz decided that he wanted to sabotage his tribe. He admitted in the confessional that he didn't care about Earth money, he simply joined Survivor Fan Characters to have fun, and he found torturing people fun. However, he noticed that most of the tribe's belongings were already missing. Figuring that there was another saboteur on the loose, he managed to find the machete and used it to lure whoever else was sabotaging the tribe. Mr. Stabby entered the clearing, and Skazzatrazz pulled off his mask, discovering that he was Russell Hantz, and immediately decided to blackmail him with this news.

After losing the first immunity challenge, Skazzatrazz, along with Russell, decided to go with Krauss' plan and vote off Riddle. After admitting in the confessional that he just wanted to do it so the tribe would become a trainwreck, he managed to convince Jasen and Betty with the promise of a final 4 alliance along with Mr. Stabby.

Episode 2: Their Failures Amuse Me.Edit

Episode 3: He Needs To GTFO.Edit

Voting HistoryEdit

Skazzatrazz's Voting History
Episode Skazzatrazz's
Voted Against
1 Riddle
2 Lauren
3 Russell Betty, Bo, Driz,
Jasen, Ker, Russell
Voted Out, Day 8



  • Skazzatrazz provides the title quote for episode 2 ("Their Failures Amuse Me.")