Sole Survivor
Skylar Picture
The first Sole Survivor, Skylar Cooper.
Survivor Fan Characters Gameplay
Description: The person who has earned the highest number of votes from the jury.
Appearances: Every season
The Sole Survivor is the title held by the winner of the comic series, Survivor Fan Characters, determined by a plurality of votes from the jury, who decides which of the finalists best embodies the series' three word slogan: "Outwit, Outplay, Outlast."


Though there is no one absolute strategy of winning the title, as it is subjective, but to be a Sole Survivor, a contestant must survive all 39 days of competition and gain the respect of most recently eliminated contestants, a group known as the jury.

At the Final Tribal Council, the finalists are to be subjected to the jury, who would either ask questions or make a statement to help them come up with a decision as to which of the finalists is most deserving of the title of Sole Survivor and the one million dollar prize.

All Sole Survivors are known to embody the series' three-word premise:

  • Outwit: The strategic element; the ability to eliminate competition whether directly or indirectly, knowing what moves to make, not to make, and the timing of doing such moves. The fulfillment of this element is commonly attributed by making alliances.
  • Outplay: The social element; it is how a contestant carries out the "outwit" element, eliminating competition but keeping their respect such that they still give their jury votes in the end. As such, it is the job of the finalist to still sway the jury to his favor.
  • Outlast: The physical element; the ability to withstand the harsh realities of being a contestant for 39 days, such as harsh weather, tests of willpower, and in a certain extent, challenges. The fulfillment of this element is making it to the Final Tribal Council and facing the jury.

It should be noted that in the game of Survivor respect does not always translate into likability. In any case, a Sole Survivor has one way or another, fulfilled all three elements of "Outwit, Outplay, Outlast". The finalists succumb to certain pitfalls such as poor work ethic, bad challenge performances, coming off as abrasive to fellow competitors, and lack of self-awareness. As such, it is the job of the finalist to still sway the jury to their favor.


The Winner receives a check of $1,000,000, to be received after the season finale, along with the title of Sole Survivor.

List of Sole SurvivorsEdit

SFC1Skylar Skylar Cooper
Runner-Up: Charlie
SFC2Ellise Ellise d'Torneau
Brains vs. Brawns
Runner-Up: Jasmine
SFC3Montana Montana Raines
Runner-Up: Baxter
SFC4Barney Barney Callahan
Fans vs. Canons
Runner-Up: Luke
SFC5Marius Marius
The Cursed Islands
Runners-Up: Gatemaster & Miranda
SFCASBitsy Bitsy Mitzi
Runner-Up: Kala
SFC7Ker Ker
Runner-Up: Wrecker Dog
SFC8Melanie Melanie Aensland
The Midway Island
Runner-Up: Heinz Keller
SFC9Cherman Cherman
Runner-Up: Tofuchao
SFC10Jackie Jackie
Battle of the Tribes
Runner-Up: Minerva Mink
SFC11Angel Angel
Runner-Up: Eli Vickrum
SFC12Lola Lola Bunny
Fans vs. Canons
Runner-Up: SpongeBob SquarePants
SFC13Jim Jim Fraser
Runner-Up: Tapioca Lelvs
SFC14Liz Liz Calhoun
Runner-Up: Jojo Calhoun
SFC15Taro Taro
Runner-Up: Dustin
SFC16Doris Doris Stagg
Blood vs. Water
Runner-Up: Sierra Thorne
SFC17Ollie Ollie the Otter
Runner-Up: Josh Thunderbolt
SFC18ET E.T. Johnson
Past vs. Future
Runner-Up: Sagittaria Bentley



  • So far, nine males and nine females have become Sole Survivors.
  • So far, no winners have ever been brought back to compete in a future season.
  • Cherman, Angel, and E.T. Johnson are the only Sole Survivors who have never won an immunity competition.
  • 3 Sole Survivors have narrowly won their season after the initial jury vote resulted in a tie.
  • Barney Callahan is the first Sole Survivor to garner all jury votes.
    • In addition Barney is also the first Sole Survivor to be a user submitted fan character not created by SWSU-Master.
  • Bitsy Mitzi and Jackie are the only returning players to win in a future season.
  • Ker is the only Sole Survivor to win the season without a majority of the jury votes, as the final results ended in a deadlock, and the winner was determined via an audience vote.
    • As such, there exists an alternate ending where the Runner-Up Wrecker Dog is declared Sole Survivor.
  • Angel is the first and only Sole Survivor to have zero lines during the season finale.
  • Lola Bunny is the first Sole Survivor to be a canon character.
  • Jim Fraser has the most votes cast against a Sole Survivor in a single season, with fifteen.
  • Taro is the first Sole Survivor to achieve a 'Perfect Game', receiving no votes against him during the game and receiving all of the jury votes.
    • This also makes Taro the Sole Survivor to receive the most jury votes to win the season with nine.
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