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Description: Recognition and Award Giving Body

The Survivor Fan Characters Hall of Fame is a special recognition given to Survivor Fan Characters contestants with exemplary deeds such as strategic brilliance, immense popularity or infamy. It is run by DeviantArt member "shadow0knight".


In 2012, Survivor Fan Characters contributor "shadow0knight", initiated a voting system on which Survivor Fan Characters contestants (from the first season in Survivor Fan Characters to the most recent season) deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame. How voters define "worthy" is in their discretion, whether it is personality, strategy, challenge performance or any other reason.


Members of DeviantArt and SmackJeeves are send their votes to shadow0knight via PM. In the first batch of inductees, five contestants and three Deviants are inducted.


Inductees are enumerated based on their order of announcement.


Fuck yeah Minerva!


Minerva remain probably as the biggest villain and one of the most likable characters of all time.


You go girl!


After 2 seasons of the master player winning I wanted a winner who did not have any power. For Sky and Ellise there were certain things that they did to show that they would win, however for Montana it was what she DIDN'T do that made her win.


Can't say I was really surprised about her getting in....


She did not survive because she was super smart master strategist. She BARELY Survived the pre merge by attaching herself to Retro, and made it through the post merge because she was a massive goat, and really only had a shot at Baxter's vote. She was spared elimination because since she had no Nice Cover ala Prescilla she was just a tryhard who made ALOT of enemies.


Finally! A positive player in the Hall of Fame!


P. was an interesting character for me this time because he was the only one that didnt have a set personality, I was able to get creative with him, also he was my person that had two running gags with him, him always reffering to himself in the 3rd person which pretty much everybody knew, but nobody caught the 2nd one.


Yay Marius!


While Cherman is epic, IMO, Marius was a well rounded character, and had a better HOF worthy game.



  • shadow0knight
  • Georgejhon
  • SSBfreak


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