Tribe Profile
Season: Season 4
Tribe Type: Starting Tribe
Day Formed: Day 1
Rival Tribe(s): Dakaba
Tribe Status: Merged with Dakaba on Day 20
Challenge Wins: 7
Lowest Placing Member: Sephiroth (20/20)
Highest Placing Member: Lilly Pendragon (3/20)

SFC4 flag thuklu

Tribe Sigil

Thuklu insignia



Thuklu was a starting tribe from Survivor Fan Characters: Fans Vs. Canon.

Thuklu was initially composed of canon characters before the tribal swap. Their tribe color is red.


BulmaKnucklesLillyMinerva SFC4Polar Bear
  • Bulma Briefs, a canon character/human from Dragonball.
  • Knuckles the Echidna, a canon character/echidna from Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Lilly Pendragon, a canon character/human from Suikoden.
  • Minerva Mink, a canon character/mink from Animaniacs.
  • Polar Bear, a canon character/polar bear from Ice Climbers.
  • Rebecca Chambers, a canon character/human from Resident Evil.
  • Riku, a canon character/human from Kingdom Hearts.
  • Sephiroth, a canon character/human from Final Fantasy.
  • Shiki Misaki, a canon character/human from The World Ends With You.
  • Trent, a canon character/human from Total Drama.

Post-Swap TribeEdit

ChaonaJoe SFC4KnucklesLucky SFC4
MarcMinerva SFC4RikuTrent

  • Chaona, a fan character/hedgehog from Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Joe, a fan character/human from The World Ends With You.
  • Knuckles the Echidna
  • Lucky, a fan character/cat from Animaniacs.
  • Marc, a fan character/human from Total Drama.
  • Minerva Mink
  • Riku
  • Trent

Tribe HistoryEdit



  • Thuklu is the first tribe to have a med evac.