Iyzebel Vaga and Orwell competing in a fire-making tiebreaker at the final four of SFC13.
Survivor Fan Characters Gameplay
Description: A contingency plan in the event of a tie vote at Tribal Council.
Appearances: Every season (except SFC9 and Fans vs. Canons)

A tiebreaker is a situation where two or more contestants receive the same number of votes casts against them at Tribal Council, with no one else receiving a higher amount. In this scenario, several methods have been used over the course of the series.


Pre-Final Four Edit

Typically, in the event that two or more contestants share the highest number of elimination votes, all other contestants are entitled to a revote, but can only choose between the tied contestants. Whoever receives the most votes after the revote will be out of the game.

If the revote does not break the tie, the vote is declared a deadlock. All non-tied contestants must then openly discuss which of the tied contestants should be eliminated from the game, requiring a unanimous decision in a limited amount of time. If they fail to do this, all tied contestants are rendered immuned, and the remaining contestants must all draw rocks. Whoever draws the odd-colored rock will be eliminated from the game. Alternatively, non-tied contestants may choose to go to rocks if they prefer.

Final Four Edit

If a 2-2 vote occurs, there typically will not be a revote. Instead the two tied contestants will compete in a fire-making challenge. The winner receives immunity from the vote, and the loser is eliminated.

Jury Vote Tiebreaker Edit

As seen in Survivor Fan Characters 18: Past vs. Future, if the initial jury vote ends in a two-person tie between a Final Three, the second runner-up becomes the official final jury member, and is tasked with casting the deciding vote.

Former Rules Edit

Pre-Final Four Edit

In Survivor Fan Characters and Survivor Fan Characters 4: Fans vs. Canons, tied contestants would participate in a questions and answers challenge. The first person to answer a question incorrectly while their opponent answers correctly would be eliminated from the game. The format of this tiebreaker was slightly altered in Survivor Fan Characters 13, where instead, the castaway who answers the most questions correctly would remain in the game.

Originally, a countback was proposed to break the tie in Fans vs. Canons. But because neither contestant had received any votes cast against them at prior Tribal Councils, the vote was declared deadlocked, and the traditional questions and answers challenge proceeded.

In Survivor Fan Characters 2: Brains vs. Brawns and Survivor Fan Characters 15, if either a revote fails to break the tie, or all votes become nullified through the use of a Hidden Immunity Idol. Then all unimmune contestants are forced to partake in a rock draw, with the person drawing the odd-colored rock being eliminated.

Tiebreaker History Edit

Revote History Edit

Season Vote Tied Contestants Revote Eliminated
SFC3 2-2-1 SFC3MontanaSFC3Spade
Montana Raines and Spade
2-1 SFC3SpadeBW
3-3-1 SFC3BaxterSFC3Montana
Baxter and Montana Raines
(Jury Vote)
4-3-0 SFC3BaxterBW
Fans vs. Canons 2-2-0 SFC4BarneySFC4Kala
Barney Callahan and Kala
3-2 SFC4KalaBW
All-Stars 2-2-2 SFCASAmySFCASHoganSFCASWendy
Amy Randall, Hogan, and Wendy
3-3-1 SFCASLuckySFCASPopper
Lucky the Cat and Popper
3-2 SFCASPopperBW
SFC7 8-8 SFC7KerSFC7Wrecker
Ker and Wrecker Dog
(Jury Vote)
8-8 None
Battle of the Tribes 2-2-1-0 SFC10KrisSFC10Sanza
Kris and Sanza Salazar
SFC11 1-1-1-1-0 SFC11AngelSFC11ClausSFC11SunflowerSFC11Whitney
Angel, Claus, Sunflower, and Whitney
SFC13 5-5 SFC13JimSFC13SCritic
Jim Fraser and Survivor Critic
SFC14 2-2-0 SFC14LizSFC14Thorne
Liz Calhoun and Lolita Thorne
SFC15 4-4 SFC15LeaSFC15Leah
Lea and Leah Grimes
3-3 SFC15KySFC15Shaega
Ky Razie and Shaega Yurei
Blood vs. Water 5-5 SFC16BowserJrSFC16Brandi
Bowser Koopa Jr. and Brandi Lake
2-2-0 SFC16DamonSFC16Tialayla
Damon Bleuth and Tialayla Carter
Alola 6-6 SFC17CutieCatSFC17Jeannie
Allison Kathrati and Jeannie
Past vs. Future 4-4 SFC18ClarissaSFC18ET
Clarissa Sutherland and E.T. Johnson
2-2-0 SFC18ClarissaSFC18Ria
Clarissa Sutherland and Ria Bentley

Challenge History Edit

Season Vote Tied Contestants Challenge Eliminated
SFC1 2-2 SFC1CharlieSFC1Phil
Charlie and Phil
Q and A
1-1-0 SFC1HoganSFC1Taylor
Hogan and Taylor
Fans vs. Canons 4-4 SFC4PBearSFC4Rebecca
Polar Bear and Rebecca Chambers
Q and A
2-2 SFC4BarneySFC4Chaona
Barney Callahan and Chaona
SFC7 2-2 SFC7DinahSFC7Wrecker
Dinah and Wrecker Dog
The Midway Island 2-2 SFC8JackieSFC8Oehda
Jackie and Oehda
SFC13 5-5;
Jim Fraser and Survivor Critic
Q and A
2-2 SFC13IyzebelSFC13Orwell
Iyzebel Vaga and Orwell
Blood vs. Water 2-2 SFC16BowserJrSFC16Doris
Bowser Koopa Jr. and Doris Stagg

Rock Draw History Edit

Season Drawing Contestants Result Eliminated
Brains vs. Brawns SFC2ChrisSFC2DeniseSFC2JasmineSFC2Ryan
Chris, Denise, Jasmine, and Ryan
Chris — Safe
Denise — Out
Jasmine — Safe
Ryan — Safe
The Midway Island SFC8GeenaSFCIraenusSFC8KiaraSFC8Malik
Geena Takahashi, Iraenus, Kiara Gate, and Malik Rishied
Geena — Safe
Iraenus — Safe
Kiara — Out
Malik — Safe
SFC15 SFC15LeahSFC15SylviaSFC15Taro
Leah Grimes, Sylvia, and Taro
Leah — Out
Sylvia — Safe
Taro — Safe
Alola SFC17DerekSFC17JahiraSFC17JoshSFC17MeleSFC17OllieSFC17RaizaSFC16Slash
Derek Linz, Jahira Patel, Josh Thunderbolt, Mele Nenbara, Ollie the Otter, Raiza, and Slash the Hedgehog
Derek — Safe
Jahira — Out
Josh — Safe
Mele — Safe
Ollie — Safe
Raiza — Safe
Slash — Safe
Past vs. Future SFC18AtlasSFC18FryskSFC18RiaSFC18SagittariaSFC18Shin
Atlas, Frysk McCloud, Ria Bentley, Sagittaria Bentley, and Shin Kasai
Atlas — Out
Frysk — Safe
Ria — Safe
Sagittaria — Safe
Shin — Safe

Other Tiebreakers Edit

Season Vote Tied Contestants Tiebreaker Eliminated
Fans vs. Canons 4-4 SFC4PBearSFC4Rebecca
Polar Bear and Rebecca Chambers
Past Votes None
The Cursed Islands 3-3 SFC5AudreySFC5Maria
Audrey and Maria
Bribery Curse
SFC7 8-8;
Ker and Wrecker Dog
(Jury Vote)
Public Vote
Past vs. Future 4-4-0 SFC18ETSFC18Sagittaria
E.T. Johnson and Sagittaria Bentley
(Jury Vote)
Jury Vote


  • SFC9 and Fans vs. Canons are the only seasons to not have any tiebreakers.
  • SFC13 is the only season to use a tiebreaker challenge after a revote ended in a deadlock, as opposed to the traditional lottery of drawing rocks.
  • The initial jury vote has tied three times. First in SFC3, again in SFC7, and once more in Past vs. Future.
    • Each season also proposed a different method of breaking the tie. SFC3 held a revote, SFC7 held a revote, before activating a Public Vote, and Past vs. Future had the second runner-up Shin Kasai cast the deciding vote.
  • Doris Stagg is the only female Survivor Fan Characters contestant to win a fire-making tiebreaker challenge.
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