Uwassa Tribe

The Uwassa tribe of Survivor Fan Characters 14.
Survivor Fan Characters Gameplay
Description: A group of individuals who compete together against another group for an extended period of time.
Appearances: Every season

The competing teams in Survivor Fan Characters are known as tribes. Commonly, there are two tribes in a season, but there have been instances where three or four may be active at the same time. A tribe can have anywhere from four to ten contestants at the beginning of the game.

Dividing Into TribesEdit

Most commonly, the tribes are divided by the producers before the game begins. However, there have been exceptions.

The Schoolyard PickEdit

Some seasons have had the tribes selected by the contestants themselves. This is known as the "Schoolyard Pick".

  • In Survivor Fan Characters 7, each contestant was given a bag with a rock in it. 18 of the rocks were white. However, one was purple and one was blue. Those contestants picked each member of their tribe. The contestant with the purple rock chose for Corsona, while the contestant with the blue rock chose for Ho'Aku.

The Schoolyard Style selection is not limited to just selecting starting tribes, but can be also used in a tribe switch (see below).


In some seasons, the castaways are divided into tribes with a common theme:

Starting TribesEdit


The two competing tribes of Survivor Fan Characters 12: Fans vs. Canons, Canredons and Fabluens.

Each Survivor season starts with 16, 18, or 20 (17 in Survivor Fan Characters 5: The Cursed Islands) contestants (dubbed as the "castaways" or "survivors") stranded in a remote location and will be left there for the next 39 days. The castaways will be then equally divided into teams "tribes". These tribes then will be sent out to separate camps identified by a colored tribe banner. Both camps are far apart from each other and they have an equal distance from the challenge areas, the production team's encampment and the Tribal Council set. The resources of both camps (food and water) can be either equally found or compromising (example, tribe A's camp may have a better water source but finding food would be difficult, while tribe B will have the opposite). From there on out, the contestants must fend for themselves in all aspects of survival (foraging for food, creating shelter, fishing, etc.). Tribes will also be given meager supplies (with a machete, water canteens and a pot as staples), depending on the season (there are seasons that that have limited food rations, but there are some seasons that they were given only the staples).

Tribe SwitchEdit


Zach and Daisuke of Tortana drawing stones in preparation for the tribe switch.

For a tribe switch, the contestants will either end up at their original tribe or they will be swapped into another. If there is a switch, it occurs before the merge, commonly catching players off-guard. The logic of the switch is that the relationships from their first tribe will be tested in their new tribe, and will create additional possibilities when the tribes finally merge. Oftentimes, players who were not successful in their original tribe use the switch as an opportunity to create new bonds, and potentially last longer in the competition.


Tialayla mutiny

Tialayla turning back from Hantz and joins Mariano.

The mutiny is a variation of the tribe switch. This twist allows players to change tribes at will. The mutiny is a rare twist, for it was unpopular among players (for this is deemed a big, bold move for many, thus doing so will be very risky).

Tribe DissolvesEdit

Another variant of the tribe switch is the "dissolve." In seasons that have more than two starting tribes, an tribe dissolution before the merger will take place. The tribe will be permanently disbanded, spreading its old members into the other two tribes.

  • In Survivor Fan Characters 3, a twist was revealed on Day 9 that only two of the three tribes will exist. The tribe with the lowest score in the previous Immunity Challenge would be dissolved. Pambar wrote Survivor Fan Characters history as the very first tribe to retire before the merge. Montana Ana Raines and Hope were absorbed by Roku, while Bessi Bell and Iris transferred in Lockora.
  • In Survivor Fan Characters 5: The Cursed Islands, two of the tribes were dissolved.
    • On Day 7, a Reward Challenge included a curse in which the last place team would be dissolved. Ooba Uba lost the challenge, and their members were dissolved among the other three tribes. Miranda was chosen by Jango, Greg was chosen by Caposhir, and by default Gatemaster went to Z'Baba.
    • On Day 15, the three tribe leaders, Jessica, Mana D. Sin, and Joseph were to draw rocks to start the second tribe dissolve. Two rocks were white, while the other was black. Joseph picked the black rock, dissolving Jango. Joseph chose to mix up Caposhir and Z'Baba. A schoolyard pick was utilized to create the new tribes.
  • In Survivor Fan Characters 13, the tribe with the worst record was dissolved into the other two. However, Wakah and Nonamye had the same record. Thus, Luna from Wakah and Arnold J. Cook from Nonamye had to draw rocks. The white rock meant the tribe stayed intact, while the black one meant that the tribe was dissolved. Arnold drew the black rock, to the four members of Nonamye were dissolved into Wakah and Purada. Orwell and G'rilara went to Purada, while Arnold and Sasha went to Wakah.
  • In Survivor Fan Characters 17: Alola, a Reward Challenge took place, in which the last place team would be dissolved and the contestants with the mallet at the end would get to choose the tribes new members and then were sent to different tribes themselves. Bulu lost the challenge, and their members were dissolved among the other three tribes. Kade Spicer chose Derek Linz and Derrick The Hedgehog to join Lele. Raiza chose Mele Nenbara and XX Quickscope69 Xx to join Fini. This sent Jenny Wily to Koko. Then, Lele chose Parmesan to join them, while Kade joined Fini and Raiza joined Koko by default.

Merged TribeEdit

SFC10 flag hashtagsurvivor

The newly-painted flag of the merged Hashtag Survivor tribe (Survivor Fan Characters 10: Battle of the Tribes).

The merged tribe is composed of the remaining members of the two starting tribes. Whereas the starting tribes are named by the producers, the new tribe will be usually named by the castaways themselves.

They will be given a new, blank tribe flag and buffs with some paint to decorate the new flag. Usually, a feast is held at the new tribe's camp to celebrate the event. The merged tribe camp is generally the better of the two former tribe camps, but in rare cases (Survivor Fan Characters 5: The Cursed Islands, Survivor Fan Characters: All-Stars,Survivor Fan Characters 9, Survivor Fan Characters 10: Battle of the Tribes, and Survivor Fan Characters 13) they will be relocated to a new beach. Reward Challenges may be still a team-based (depending on the number of remaining players), but Immunity Challenges will be conducted on a strictly individual basis.

Tribe Colors Per SeasonEdit

Bold Text Merged Tribe
Italic Text Dissolved Tribe
Underlined Text Auxiliary Tribe

Survivor Fan Characters Tribe Color Per Season
Green Blue/Teal Red Purple Yellow/Gold Pink Orange Black White Magenta
SFC1 Drazen Schlipa Wichibu
Brains vs. Brawns Caruga La Bira Pokura
SFC3 Lokubar Roku Lockora Pambar
Fans vs. Canons Dakaba Thulku Merged
The Cursed Islands Jango Ooba Uba Caposhir Baba Laaba Z'Baba
All-Stars Luna Solaris >:)
SFC7 Corsona 2 Ho'Aku Corsona
The Midway Island Jiut'Zsa Jumanji Yrsa'Ka
SFC9 Leiomah Amatri Carbo
Battle of the Tribes Retro #Survivor Corsona Yrsa'Ka Carbo
SFC11 Mariano Hantz Quinn
Fans vs. Canons Fabluens Canredons Meryellowged
SFC13 Wakah Purada Nonamye Tikitikitiki
SFC14 Stranded Uwassa Go'Jonga Deserted
SFC15 Golgora Brezna Tortana
Blood vs. Water Galaxie 1-UP Sarasa Kinopio
Alola Guardian Aether Bulu Fini Koko Lele
Past vs. Future Cherman Atlas P-Body
Star Allies Claterra Dreams Yarnago


  • Blue and yellow have been the most recurring tribe colors in the history of the series, with 9 tribes each.
    • On the other hand, magenta is the least recurring, having appeared only once.
  • Blue, red, orange and purple starting tribes have produced the most winners, with 3 each
    • Blue tribes have produced the most finalists, with 10.
    • Red tribes have produced the most female winners, with 3.
    • Blue and orange tribes have produced the most male winners, with 2 each.
  • Green and yellow are the most recurring merged tribe color, with 3 each.
    • Black and magenta are the only colors to appear more times as a merged tribe than it has as a starting tribe.

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