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The last two members of Ho'Aku in SFC7.
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Description: A tribe is decimated pre-merge due to losing many Immunity Challenges.
Appearances: SFC1
Battle of the Tribes

Ulonging is a term used to describe a circumstance when a tribe enters the Merge with significantly fewer members than its rivals (typically half of the original tribe or more), due to constantly losing Immunity Challenges. The term was coined in reference to the infamous Ulong tribe from Survivor: Palau, who failed to win a single Immunity Challenge, entering the "merge" with only one member.

This is similar to, but not the same as, Pagonging, where a tribe is picked off in succession post-merge.


In SFC1, the Drazen tribe lost all but two immunity challenges, decimating the tribe to only four members at the merge. Additionally, one member would fail to make the Jury, while another became the first juror. Leaving Charlie and Hugo the last remaining Drazen members throughout most of the post-merge. The latter would finish in fifth place, while the former became the Runner-Up, narrowly losing the title of Sole Survivor to Skylar Cooper in a 4-3 vote.

In SFC3, the Pambar tribe lost all but one immunity challenge, dwindling the tribe to only four members, before being dissolved. Only two of the tribe's members would end up making the merge, with Hope finishing in eighth, and Montana Raines winning against Alex and Baxter. After the dissolve, Lockora lost all but one immunity challenge, but this one win still resulted in the tribe losing a member, after Iris was kidnapped by Roku before Tribal Council, where she gave her individual immunity to Hope, and was voted out 7-1. Ultimately, Lockora entered the merge with only three members remaining, but none of them would make it to the Final Tribal Council.

In SFC7, the Ho'Aku tribe lost all but one immunity challenge, partially due to sabotage from both Skazzatrazz and Russell Hantz, dwindling the tribe to only two members, Ker and Krauss Tytania. Despite this, the two of them managed to last deep into the merge, with help from Corsona member Chrii Yukizuma. Krauss would finish in sixth place, while Ker would win the title of Sole Survivor against Wrecker Dog.

In Battle of the Tribes, the second incarnation of the Yrsa'Ka tribe went to four tribal councils, losing a member each time. At the merge, Yrsa'Ka had only one member remaining, Jackie. Despite this, Jackie would go on to win the season. Meanwhile, the second incarnation of the Corsona tribe went to five tribal councils, one being a double elimination. This dwindled Corsona down to only two members, Ryuia and Ventious Zephyr. Ventious became the third juror and finished in eighth place, while Ryuia became the seventh juror, and finished in fourth.

In SFC11, the Hantz tribe lost all but one immunity challenge, even after the Mutiny, due to Crisco purposely throwing immunity challenges to eliminate his teammates, in an to infiltrate the rival tribe, Mariano at the merge. However, after the mutiny, his plan backfired and he was voted out 6-1, followed three days later by former Mariano members Flaithri nar Quib Quib and Artemis Moonshine, the latter of whom became the first juror. Of the three remaining members of the original Hantz tribe, Tialayla Carter left quickly after the merge as the third juror, Paine became the seventh juror, and Eli Vickrum finished second, losing the title of Sole Survivor to Angel.


  • Pambar, Ho'Aku, and Yrsa'Ka all produced the winners of their respective seasons, despite their terrible track record.
  • Pambar is the only tribe to be dissolved after being Ulonged. Every other Ulonged tribe merged without being dissolved.
  • The term "Ulonging" is similar to Pagonging in that both refer to the consistent eliminations of their namesake. The difference being that Ulonging refers to a tribe's members being decimated before the merge, not after. Additionally, Pagonging is a strategic move, whereas Ulonging is, in most cases, solely the result of challenge performance.
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