"We Have Our Own Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde"
Season Survivor Fan Characters
Episode Number 12/13 (12)
Episode Chronology
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We Have Our Own Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde is the twelfth episode of Survivor Fan Characters


Reward Challenge: The challenge would be in 4 parts which have been previous challenges and in each round the last castaway to complete someone would be eliminated. Last one standing wins.
Reward: A car
Winner: Taylor (chose Hogan)

Immunity Challenge: Each castaway would start on a square and each round move to another square, blocking off the preview out they were on. When they could no longer make moves, they would be out. Last castaway remaining wins.
Winner: Hogan


Day 34Edit

The final 5 reflect on the difficulties they faced to get there together, except for Hugo, who brags about having the "idol" and never receiving a vote. This pushes Hogan, Taylor, and Charlie to make a plan to flush the idol and vote Skylar off at one time. The plan is for Charlie and Hugo to vote Skylar, Taylor and Hogan to vote Hugo, and Hugo plays the "idol" and Sky leaves.

Day 35Edit

Taylor wins the final reward challenge, which is a car, and goes on a road trip with Hogan and they have a picnic. At camp, Charlie keeps her mouth shut about the plan and tries not to talk to Hugo or Sky, but both sense something wrong. Sky tells Charlie that whatever plan she made he will make sure fails.

Day 36Edit

Hogan wins another immunity and Taylor finds where the idol was, a hole in one of the posts holding the tribe flag. Seeing the hole gives Hogan strange feelings about the idol, and Sky reveals that he actually has the real one in a confessional. At tribal council, Sky votes for Hugo along with Hogan and Taylor, and Hugo frets and tries to play his "idol" Skylar gave him, but it is revealed as a fake. Hugo curses everyone out, throws the fake idol in the fire, swears vengeance against Sky, and leaves as the 5th member of the jury and Charlie as the last Drazen.

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 12:
Hugo Colored
Hugo (3 votes)
Hogan ColoredSkylar ColoredTaylor Colored
Hogan, Skylar & Taylor
Skylar Colored
Skylar (2 votes)
Charlie ColoredHugo Colored
Charlie & Hugo
Hugo BW

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

I like you, I just want the idol gone.


Time to set the plan into full speed.


If you're mad, we can discuss it at camp.


Time for you to go, sorry


Final WordsEdit

I can not begin to explain how pissed off at you guys. Sky when you get voted off next for being a fucking twerp, I'll be waiting at the Jury House with some brass knuckles.


Still in the RunningEdit

Eugene BW
Suzanna BW
Bea BW
Oran BW
Lyle BW
Phil BW
Pat BW
Wendy BW
Merideth BW
Rene BW
Craig BW
Hugo BW
Charlie Colored
Hogan Colored
Skylar Colored
Taylor Colored


  • As of this episode, Charlie is the last Drazen remaining.

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